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CASEXE: Georgia Gaming Congress 2016 - Results

On February 25, Tbilisi hosted Georgia Gaming Congress. CASEXE has been an online gambling sponsor of the event, once again promoting the dynamic development of gambling.

Key thesis results of the Congress:

- Georgian legislation today is one of the most flexible and systematic in relation to gambling business. All market participants are aware and adhere to rules of the game. In the nearest future, there would be no global changes to norms and regulations;

- 50 per cent of the total gambling market in Georgia today is online gambling, and this number will only increase in the future;

- despite its rich history, Georgian gambling market is still one of the most promising markets of the region – both online and offline;

- virtual sports is one of the most progressing segments of online betting. Georgian market demonstrates a constant growth;

- online gambling reduces such notion as region diversification, as the business is ever more targeted on the global arena.

CASEXE considers such events to be of vital importance and relevance, as their participants establish the market in the form that we’ll see it tomorrow.