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CASEXE expert predicts popularity of online casino in Belarus

Denis Denis Zheltovskiy, CASEXE business development manager spoke about the future of online casino in Belarus in his interview with Login Casino.

One of the speakers of Belarus Gaming Congress is sure that online casino will soon become a highly demanded and interesting product in the country.

“Belarus is very organized when it comes to gambling business and it has loyal legislation. Land based casinos are allowed here, but online gambling is prohibited. However if the government will give a green light to such segment, it’s going to catch on. Why not? Online casinos would be such popular as in Russis,” - said Zheltovskiy.

The specialist thinks that Belarus has created all the terms for gambling operation, and the country has great resources for gambling business.

“Lots of people see casino as something evil. My opinion is twofold. As an orthodox Christian, I understand concerns of these people who think that gambling is wrong, but on the other hand if we talk about gambling as relaxation, it’s a useful thing,” - said Zheltovskiy.

Expert also is sure that legalization of gambling in Ukraine can lead to a certain outflow of players from Belarus.

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