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CASEXE Configurator: One Year Of Innovations

August 2015 will mark a full year since CASEXE Configurator set upon its history as an innovative solution in the world of gambling.

A year ago, CASEXE specialists have analyzed the market with all its existing demand to create a unique gambling product – casino configurator.

CASEXE Configurator allows to establish your own online casino in an easy and seamless way. Specially designed functionality made it possible for clients to customize their casino using several layouts, which have been quite popular among players. Moreover, using the configurator service is absolutely free of charge, which allows a potential casino owner to focus on development and promotion of his/her project.

Summarizing the past year, CASEXE points out the high demand for the product on the market, which has been proven by launching some 50 successful online casino projects based on configurator tool. Public interest in the product is growing rapidly, and its appeal can be explained by user-friendly and simple functionality, making it possible to launch a private casino, for people previously unrelated and not familiar with gambling business.

Denys Zheltovskyy, business development manager, CASEXE:

«At first I wasn’t quite sure about the success of such business model, as I had doubts that there was no need for heavy investments from operators using configurator to make up their projects. I myself, much as everyone involved in online games industry, know that lack of sufficient investment makes it virtually impossible to create and successfully promote your own online casino. But now, a year later, due to Casexe configurator I know that this is possible. The thing is, if client has strong will, ambitions and knowledge, it’s way better than the big investments without the proper management. Casexe configurator has proven for everyone, with no need of big investment, that it can fulfill its key mission: provide a possibility to try oneself in the role of online casino operator. I’m looking forward to seeing the future progress».