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CASEXE bottom-lined the results of iGaming Super Show 2017

Starting from July 11 up to July 14, Amsterdam held the third biggest exhibition (after ICE hosted in London and EIG held in Berlin) called iGaming Super Show (IGSS) 2017. Our team participated as an invited guest of the event , managed to conduct a couple of important meetings with our business partners and got a very positive impression about the whole venue.

As you probably know, CASEXE is a permanent panelist of major iGaming events. Such meetings are of paramount importance for us, as long as give us amazing opportunities of entering new markets, acquiring new partners and clients, and, at the same time, events like this encourage us to make our company function in a better and more effective way.

Back in Amsterdam we presented a whole range of brand new products designed particularly for online gambling industry, including our most recent development – VR casino. For now VR casinos seem to be ideal solutions for those who are willing to change the whole concept of their business opening new opportunities for customers and partners. Real Las Vegas vibes, the jingle of gold coins, the spinning ball of roulette – all of that right at home in your computer, an exciting experience that doesn’t require expensive trips to the gaming mecca of the world.

In terms of IGSS CASEXE we conducted more than 30 meetings, as well as concluded several partnership agreements with new clients. In the near future we will be able to publish a notice regarding contacts we made, as well as to share more about the general plan of collaboration with our new partners.

Please note: the last venue of IGSS gathered more than three thousand of visitors during the four days of the event. Among them there could be seen entrepreneurs developing their businesses in the sector of online gambling, as well as some of the representatives of international gambling organizations, affiliate companies, start - uppers, etc. The main topics of discussion included presentations of brand new developments and innovations by the leaders of the contemporary iGaming industry. Without a doubt, all the presented products meet the international standards of quality and the majority of them were available for free trials, so that visitors could check them out themselves.