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CASEXE: «Armenia has definite problems with understanding of the nature of online casino business»

In his talk with Armenian Gaming Forum organizers, Ivan Kondilenko, CASEXE Brand Manager, has shared some comments of the Armenian online gambling market.

- Let’s start from the top. What does the situation with gambling business in the Armenian region look like? For example, successful Georgia is really close…

The region is generally developed if talk about gambling industry. Many gamblers live here, who like games due to their mentality. So taking into account the specific attitude towards gambling here, games are not banned, and authorities choose the right way of gambling regulation. Armenia has land based and online casinos that work in line with the state licensing. Also, bookmaking is developed here as well. That makes this region quite interesting for us, and we’re looking to get positive effect from Gaming forum in Yerevan.

- Speaking of online casino in particular, how big is it in Armenia? Or is it the land based venues that players prefer?

Of course, if there’s a possibility to visit a land based casino, players in Armenia will choose this option in 90 per cent of time. This is the region specifics. I think that online casino segment here has not kicked off really. Again, due to the ability to go to the real casino, and due to some other reasons. Major factor is a high cost of license, which prevents online casino market from booming. Country is small, and it’s difficult to return your investment by Armenian market only. Plus, neighboring Georgia has its own license.

- Does your company have serious competitors on the Armenian market, and who are the main players? What is your advantage?

Three major online casinos operate in Armenia: Vivaro, Toto Gaming, Igames. Everyone who’s looking into launching on this market will meet these competitors. These are big online resources including not only classic online casino, but as well sports betting, poker rooms, lotteries and other kinds of online gambling. They have already earned trust of players from Armenia, but perfection knows no limits, and we’re ready to offer quality software to potential investors to make a worthy competition on this market. Our main advantage is flexibility and product development dynamics. Watching over all trends on the market, we’re able to quickly produce a customized online casino project with unlimited potential, which allows us to be competitive.

- Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia… Over the last couple of months, there’s been a range of serious gaming events and conferences, where CASEXE has been among the participants. Is Armenia any different form other post-Soviet nations when it comes to development of gambling?

Each of the named states has its own specifics and behavioral player pattern. There are common and different moments. Armenia, same as the majority of countries in the post-Soviet region, has problems with understanding of the nature of online casino business. Potential operators don’t completely realize how to develop projects, don’t take into account key principles in building up of the future casino management, so lots of time is spent for explaining the operating principles.

If we talk about differences, each region has its own player behavior patterns. So the knowledge of their mentality, learning and understanding of main requirements on the territory where you’re planning to operate is a key pillar. Lack of attention to this component often leads to increasing of risks in the work of operators who think regionally. I think that Armenia is a very promising market for development of online gambling. Players just have to get used to this sector and operators would gain understanding of the essence of business. The state already has all other factors for the successful development of online gambling.

- Should we wait for some new releases from CASEXE in the nearest future? Maybe something will be showcased in Yerevan?

Specifics of our business supposes that innovations are the inherent part of the process in online gambling. CASEXEis no different. We’re constantly releasing upgrades and updates for our products, each day optimizing and integrating additional functionality for our platforms. That’s why we have something to share at each of such events, and Armenian Gaming Forum is not an exception.

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