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CASEXE adds a new product to its catalogue – a virtual reality casino

The Czech company CASEXE has recently offered a new service of VR casino to their clients. The brand-new VR/AR trend is gradually conquering the world, opening new horizons and giving new possibilities to online casino operators.

What is a VR/AR casino?

The notion of “virtual reality” is very familiar to fiction lovers, however, it has recently turned into something real and tangible. The companies willing to move closer to the future are launching products tightly connected with virtual reality, such as glasses, helmets, and gadgets of the same kind, capable of carrying people away to the artificial worlds.

VR devices, such as Oculus Rift or any other of the same type, transfer customers to the virtual environment, practicallyindistinctive from the reality itself. Drawbacks and imperfections might occur exclusively due to the quality of the software implemented in the technology and potential PC capacities.

When it comes to the characteristics of online casino virtual reality, gamblers benefit from it by walking around the gambling tables and rows of slot machines, talking to the rest of visitors, dealers and by filling different objects (provided that the gamblers has special gloves on). Virtual reality might be either completely different from the reality itself, or might simulate it to the fullest extent, everything depends upon the fantasy of the developers. This kind of environment completely immerses the gambler into a live gambling house, while physically he or she keeps staying at home.

One of the vivid examples of the augmented reality is an extremely popular nowadays game called Pockemon Go. People, playing this game, see the world through the lenses of their cameras, however , their reality is complemented by some of the elements that actually do not exist in the real world, such as monsters, maps, information, etc. As for AR casinos, they allow to observe the tables of any gambling house in the world, depending on the geographical position and set geolocation, as well as the rest of interesting details and objects.

The future is near

Virtual reality is definitely conquering the real world. The recent exhibitions of the technological advancements have already proved that VR/AR is gradually converting into a highly sought trend. Following this, the developers of the online casino software from the company Microgaming introduced their latest product called VR roulette. The gamblers who have already checked out this technological gimmick assured that it was one of the most amazing experiences they have ever had and ,eventually, they felt quite reluctant to get back to the real world again, excited to continue playing. The demand for the virtual casinos will keep climbing up. And only those entrepreneurs who fill the online casino market niche with VR/AR products will survive in this competitive race between rival companies. However, it is important to remember that a highly recognizable brand is very hard to replace by any other brand. That’s why it is crucial to approach the VR casino market right now, while you still have time to fit in.

VR casino projects by CASEXE

The team of the company CASEXE offers to its clients a brand new service of VR/AR casino development. We have recently formed a new department in charge of this very type of gambling business. The innovative trend requires a highly developed technological base and professionals willing to make great things happen. Casino operators, using VR/AR as a tool capturing audiences, will definitely leave their competitors far behind.

The company CASEXE is also ready for the casino requests where virtual reality is an extra option, as well as is able to create projects entirely based on VR/AR technologies. The complex process of casino development should be entitled to the responsible and qualified crews only.

We offer:

  • Exclusive projects designed according to the clients’ requirements
  • Cross functional tools, supporting any existing VR gadgets based on customer preference
  • Flexible type of products fully or partially based on virtual reality
  • Trouble proof functioning of the ready project, accomplished by the professionals in the VR field
  • Loyalty to the customer and negotiable terms of project accomplishment

To order your personal virtual casino project, please, leave your request on our webpage right now! Our managers will contact you and provide with the best consultations regarding development of your exclusive project.