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Berlin and Sochi – different realias, similar objectives. Results of EIG and RGW 2016

On the 18-20th of October Berlin held one of the most outstanding European exhibitions dedicated to gambling business - Excellence In Gaming Expo. Literally a week after, 1700 km away from Berlin, Sochi hosted a grand conference known as Russian Gaming Week devoted to perspectives and challenges of gambling industry promotion and development in CIS and Russian Federation in particular.

Representatives of CASEXE company actively participated in both events and drew a couple of parallels between two of them, as well as summarized the final results describing the main trends peculiar to these extremely different markets of the gambling business.

While staying at EIG, specialists from CASEXE actedmore like guests than experts that gave them an opportunity to communicate with exhibitors and various participants of the exhibition.

The key points of the held exhibitions can be summarized as follows:

- Active technological development both in the area of land-based gambling houses and online gambling solutions;

- Growing popularity of new types of gaming software (virtual sport, fantasy-sport, interactive slots);

- Growing demand for training and educational projects providing better understanding of the gambling industry.

Within a framework of RGW held in Sochi, CASEXE presented itself in a demo-zone and came forward as one of the investors of the said exhibition. One of the main reasons for conference conduction was a projected launch of a gambling zone named “Krasnaya Poliana” (Red Meadow) which is not far away from Sochi itself. Besides that, there were active discussions regarding gambling legislation regulations on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, as well as disputes over experience exchange in terms of business operation in today’s realias on these kinds of markets.

In spite of tremendously different conditions and history of gambling promotion in Germany and Russia, operators, gamblers, developers, and the rest of players in the market have a very clear understanding of common objectives and expectations in respect of the industry. Both participants in Berlin and those visiting Sochi, had similar demands: clear and simple rules set and executed fairly both by businesses and the government accordingly, absence of artificial interdictions and limitations, free implementation of the new technologies and, of course, transparent relationships between partners, operators and gamblers.

CASEXE is looking forward to participating in all of the upcoming events in the world of gambling business and everything interconnected with the said industry. Popularization and promotion of the gambling industry as a separate leisure activity remains one of the main priorities on CASEXE business agenda.