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2016 full-year results with CASEXE

At the turn of the year, we traditionally summarize the full-year results and would like to share with you the latest news regarding new products, innovations, and updates of the CASEXE platform.

Over the past year of 2016, we managed to:

- win the lead in the categories “Product quality” and “Service/Price ratio” at CEEG Awards 2016 due to Your support;

- launch the first specialized Bitcoin casino – BitVegas;

- create necessary conditions for quality development of casinos based on Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality - currently you have a chance to order a VR/AR casino project, which is a truly unique solution on the contemporary gambling market;

- launch an education project called “CASEXE Education” , in terms of which we have already conducted three webinars dedicated to Bitcoin mattersaffiliate programs and online casino licensing for actual and aspiring casino operators;

- form a separate department called “CASEXE Science“, entitled to carry out gambling market research, providing operators with the latest data facilitating their commercial activities due to reasonable business decisions.

We have mentioned here about the summer updates of the CASEXE platform. And now we are about to tell You about the recent ones.

We expanded the range of functional capabilities of our platform in the following way:

1. BONUSES: we added several new bonuses to our platform that serve an additional tool to hold down more gamblers in your online casino.

2. POINTS: we developed and integrated a new kind of affiliate program based on getting points for taking part in certain activities, which means that gamblers are able to get presents or bonuses in terms of a particular project (follow our January release).

3. LEVELS: at this point gamblers acquire levels, upgrading them to certain ranks and getting bonuses and benefits.

4. INTI-FRAUD SYSTEM UPGRADE: we conducted several stress tests and, as a result, managed to improve a couple of inti-fraud system tools; the said upgrade was integrated into the CASEXE platform in order to prevent all kinds of potential fraud from gamblers.

5. GAMES AND PAYMENT SYSTEMS: we conducted a range of integration sessions together with our online casino gaming providers – more than 10 seamless integrations of games and various payment systems.

Within days, we will be able to share with you our corporate plans and projections for the upcoming 2017. It turns out, that we´ve got plenty of them!

We express our sincere gratitude for Your loyalty and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your CASEXE crew