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Adjustment of channels for accepting money and paying out prizes is an important stage in the business development and the company’s entrance into regulated markets. Operators cannot do without the Interkassa aggregator, which combines more than 100 settlement methods.

Interkassa casino payment system: basic info

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About the Interkassa Brand

The Ukrainian online casino financial module is useful not only for the gambling niche but also for digital stores, utility payment sites, marketplaces, housing rental services, and other e-commerce projects.

Interkassa has been operating for 13 years. The legal entity is registered in Kyiv, and its main office is also located there.

The company entered the top 5 Ukrainian fintech employers in 2021. Its staff includes more than 100 experienced programmers, QA engineers, financiers, marketers, and other professionals.

The settlement method is the provider's core product, which includes various payment options combined in a simple UX interface. Operators have access to a wide range of additional services and settings that simplify the management of the aggregator and improve user experience.

The integration of the gambling platform with Interkassa has the following significant advantages:

  1. Faster market entry. Entrepreneurs do not need to manually add dozens of financial systems, conclude agreements with banks, and resolve complex legal and technical issues. Popular payment options are collected in one place, which makes it easier for business owners to become part of the casino industry.
  2. Cost optimisation. It is possible to reduce costs for the payment of salaries to staff (accountants, IT specialists), banks’ contributions, use of cloud storage of financial details, etc.
  3. Convenient administration. The developer provides useful tools and management mechanisms. Entrepreneurs can add required payment methods and exclude those that are not very popular in their regions. The program easily adapts to the needs of operators, the rules for working in regulated markets, and the preferences of local gamblers.

What Settlement Methods Are Integrated into the Gateway

The certified aggregator supports 100 payment services:

Internet Acquiring

Bank card transfers are the most popular way of sending funds in Europe and Asia. About 45% of the money turnover in many sectors of the economy, including gambling, is accounted for by them.

The brand’s system processes transfers between acquiring and issuing banks and accepts debit and electronic cards from:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • American Express;
  • UnionPay;
  • RuPay;
  • JSB;
  • Diners.

The size of the commission depends on the financial policy of the bank and international services (Visa, Mastercard). Usually, it does not exceed 2.8%.

Transfers via the eWallet System

To make and accept electronic payments, operators must open a personal wallet in the selected eWallet category. It is also mandatory for a gambler or B2B partner with whom the entrepreneur cooperates.

Any eWallet environment (WebMoney or others) allows settlements between service participants. The connection of the payment system from the Ukrainian brand will significantly expand the list of available options. For example, it will be possible to make transactions between different eWallet programs, receive credit funds, and accumulate bonus points.

The brand’s financial gateway is compatible with:

  • PayPal;
  • Skrill;
  • WeChat;
  • Amazon Pay;
  • Alipay, and other eWallet services.

Mobile Settlements

The software is equipped with universal tools for making payments through gadgets:

Apple Pay

This is a digital wallet for owners of Apple technology — next-generation iPhones and smartwatches. They must support NFC (Near Field Communication) technology invented specifically for transfers.

The details of bank cards are pulled by digitisation into the Apple Pay system, from which funds are subsequently debited. The transaction fee depends on the selected country and is about 0.05–0.12% of the transferred sum of money

Google Pay

You can connect the provider’s service with the Google Pay mobile program. The solution is compatible with devices that are based on the Android operating system: smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

The exchange of confidential data (name of the sender, bank card details) takes place using tokens. They contain information converted into a unique code, which even theoretically cannot be deciphered

Bank Transfers

The company supports direct transactions between bank cards in the following systems:

  • SWIFT;
  • PayU;
  • Trustly;
  • SEPA;
  • SPEI, and others.

To carry out monetary transfers, you must enter the details of the banks of the sender and the recipient (MBO, IBAN), full name, bank card number, expiration date, secret words, and password. The time of funds being credited is 4–5 minutes.

Bank transfers are suitable for settlements with B2B partners. These are software vendors, hosting providers, affiliates, and consulting companies.

Cryptocurrency Payments

The Interkassa system contains options for conducting transactions in:

  • BTC;
  • ETH;
  • LTC;
  • EOS;
  • XRP;
  • DASH;
  • USDT, and other digital assets.

The service provides convenient currency conversion. Exchange and withdrawal of funds are available in US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling.

The installation of the cryptocurrency module will strengthen the position of the iGaming project in the gambling market and attract new solvent traffic to the platform. Transactions in digital money are characterised by high speed, security, and anonymity, which will attract the target audience to any online casino.

Alternative Payment Methods

Interkassa financial software: alternative payments

One of the main reasons to install the provider’s system is the global market coverage.

The program takes into account industry-specific features of doing business (the company’s area of focus, taxes), the preferences of users, as well as the requirements of local gambling regulators. The software is successfully applied in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

Alternative settlement methods provided by the Interkassa solution:


The system of voucher transfers is used in South America: in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. Almost 20% of transactions in the region are made via vouchers, and the Boleto program holds the lead in the selected segment.

Vouchers with unique 16-digit codes are sold in shops, kiosks, and maintenance stations. User accounts can be replenished at self-service terminals, betting machines, and ATMs


Gambling entertainment is very popular in Scandinavia but the region has very strict legislation. Thus, for example, people cannot make deposits using credit funds. Therefore, many iGaming platforms only accept debit cards.

The integration of the solution opens access to the eDankort program. This is a Danish debit card service that also has representative offices in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Most often, Dankort is used together with a Visa card to conduct fast transactions abroad


The payment method unites 240 mobile operators in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The solution is very popular in the Baltic countries where 8% of all transfers are accounted for mobile transactions


This universal system operates in Southeast Asia. These are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia — countries with a developed online gambling niche.

This electronic wallet is distinguished by convenient usability, a high level of security, and a minimum commission for the withdrawal of funds

How to Successfully Launch the Interkassa Casino Financial Service

The brand has developed additional modules for efficient management of transfers, borrowing of funds, and automating the collection of payments:

  1. Online invoicing. The application creates and sends invoices. The solution simplifies and speeds up mutual settlements with B2B partners — franchisors, affiliates, and consulting firms. The invoice indicates the amount, type of currency, terms of payment, and description of the service (for example, promotion of an iGaming project).
  2. Holding. This is a secure transaction system. The cost of the operation is reserved on a special account but is received by the recipient only after both parties fulfil the terms of the contract.
  3. Regular transactions. The system of recurring transfers is suitable for mass payments to players. These are bonuses, loyalty points, winnings in tournaments, and other types of rewards.
  4. The use of tokens. The program converts the client's banking data (card number, full name of the owner) into a unique token that cannot be decrypted. The system works on the principle of “one gambling site — one card — one token”, which ensures 100% protection of confidential information.
  5. Transfers via QR codes. Transaction details are presented in the form of a matrix barcode. Gamblers point the camera of their smartphones at the QR code and proceed to the payment page. To make a transfer, it is necessary just to click on the “Confirm transaction” button.

Features of the Financial Gateway Installation

Interkassa payment service: installation

The process requires the preparation of a site. In particular, it is important to provide full information about the operator (name, address), the numbers of the support service, as well as the rules for the collection and use of cookies.

A licensed gambling business must host:

  • AML policy (it is aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism);
  • features of the payment of prizes (Withdrawal Policy) and chargeback (Refund Policy);
  • rules of responsible gambling;
  • information about the licence (number, the date of issue of the document, validity period, type of permit);
  • warning about age restrictions;
  • checkbox on the registration page (gamblers must agree to the security policy and confirm their age).

Business owners need to obtain an SSL certificate for their gaming sites (mobile casinos). It confirms the security of confidential information and guarantees a secure internet connection. All URLs must start with “https” and be on the same domain.

The connection of the Interkassa casino payment system takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Creation of an account. Operators register one or more virtual cash desks under one account. They should specify the phone number, e-mail address, and company name.
  2. Passage of the moderation assessment. Interkassa specialists check the type of business, preparedness of the site, requested settlement methods, and availability of a gambling licence.
  3. Adjustment of payments. It is possible to install the software using flexible SDK plugins, CMS services, or API gateways. Entrepreneurs can customise financial widgets with the addition of branded elements (colours, logos, and inscriptions).

On the developer’s official site, there are ready-made plugins for such CMS systems as:

  • PrestaShop;
  • Joomla;
  • Abills;
  • Magento;
  • Opencart;
  • WordPress, and others.

Instructions on the installation can be found in each file. The document is marked as readme.txt.

The Main Things about the Provider’s Financial Gateway

The brand offers one of the best products in the gambling industry.

  • The innovative aggregator combines about 100 settlement methods, which are extremely popular in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, and other parts of the world. These are internet acquiring, direct transfers to bank accounts, mobile payments, as well as e-Wallet and cryptocurrency transactions.
  • There are several alternative options integrated into the system (operations with tokens, voucher transfers, and settlements via debit cards).
  • The software can be installed with additional modules for instant and recurring payments, automatic invoicing, and the holding service.

You can buy the vendor’s licensed software from the CASEXE studio.

We provide legal and high-quality solutions for comfortable and profitable work in the gambling market. Our experts will answer all questions about the nuances and rules of running a casino, the acceptance of deposits, and chargeback management.

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