Australian iGaming Licence: Features, Benefits, Cost, and Taxes

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Australia is one of the most attractive jurisdictions for launching and scaling a business. The continent is favourable thanks to a high level of income among the population, the protection of the local investor from the influence of offshore zones, a flexible fiscal burden on companies, and access to powerful IT infrastructure.

Australian gambling licence: basic info

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The Peculiarities of the Gambling Field’s Development in Australia

It is a country with a developed economy, a stable political environment, and a favourable investment climate. The jurisdiction provides excellent conditions for the financial sector, insurance, construction industry, e-commerce, and of course, gambling.

Casino licensing in Australia became available in 2001 after the adoption of the Interactive Gambling Act. However, betting in underground establishments was in great demand long before the legalisation of gambling. Since the 1960s, many offline casino establishments, gaming halls, poker rooms, as well as horse racing and greyhound betting clubs have been operating there.

Australia is considered one of the most gambling countries in the world. According to statistics, 80% of the adult residents of the state play games of chance. At the end of 2022, the local population spent $1.2 billion in land-based and web locations, which is 16% more than in the previous year.

The launch of an online casino with an Australian licence in 2023 will bring the entrepreneur a stable income and a quick return on investment. This is an attractive business with loyal government regulation.

The figures look as follows:

  • 55% of gamers prefer to spin slot reels on the Internet and choose online casinos;
  • 25% of the audience makes bets in ground machines located outside specialised gaming establishments (pubs, Internet cafes, and sports bars);
  • 20% of respondents visit only elite offline casinos.

The Regulation of the Gambling Industry in the Country

Australia is a federal state divided into 8 jurisdictions. Each of them has its rules regarding the gaming field. However, the country has a positive attitude towards the gambling business on its territory in general. Unity is also observed in terms of advertising and compliance with Responsible Gambling principles.

Consider the main changes over the past 5 years:




The Australian authorities have published regulations for the display of virtual and audio advertising on the Web and TV. Marketing activities should not be directed to minors or persons with signs of gambling addiction.

The placement of commercials is strictly limited in time. They are available only from 20.30 to 5.00.

Compliance is enforced by local commissions and the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering (NCPF)


The government has required companies wishing to purchase a casino licence in Australia to conduct a full identification of customers within 14 days from the moment they register on a site.

The authentication involves checking the location and age, the presence of persons with a gambling addiction, etc.


The Australian Banking Association has proposed controlling the expenses of gambling through restrictions on the use of credit cards.

Monthly limits are set by each jurisdiction at its discretion (up to $500 per gambler)


The government has restricted the activities of offshore gambling companies.

Thanks to this, it has become more beneficial to open licenced online casinos in Australia. Now, foreign providers operating in the .com domain zone will not be able to attract solvent traffic. This means that operators with local permission will get more profits

How to Obtain a Casino Licence in Australia?

Australian casino licence: obtaining

Eight regulators operate in the area following the division of the continent into federal states.

Certain types of gambling are allowed in each region:

  • games with a built-in random number generator;
  • live solutions;
  • poker;
  • lottery draws and scratch cards;
  • keno and bingo;
  • bets on athletic disciplines, eSports, horse racing, and greyhound racing.

The Australian gambling licence allows its owner to produce software. These are slots, card games with a built-in RNG, platforms, payment systems, security tools, etc.

Let us consider the nuances of obtaining a permit in the popular Australian states.

Northern Region

The Northern Territory Director-General of Licensing is responsible for the preparation and issuance of documents. 3 types of activities are available to the permit applicant:

  • the launch of digital casinos;
  • the sale of lottery tickets;
  • the production of software for draws.

Having received only 1 permit, the operator can provide all 3 types of gambling services.

How much a casino licence costs in Australia depends on the outcome of negotiations between the entrepreneur and the regulator. At the start, the operator pays a state fee of $23,000. Then, the commission checks the investors of the iGaming project, evaluates the submitted documents, and establishes the final amount of the service.

To launch a turnkey casino with an Australian licence, it is necessary to:

  • have a good reputation in the market (according to previous experience in senior positions in gambling companies);
  • provide a bank guarantee and confirm the sources of financing;
  • submit conformity certificates for the software used (games, platforms, and payment services);
  • sign an agreement on compliance with AML and FATF policies;
  • write and send a business plan for approval.

Metropolitan Area

The industry is regulated by the Gambling and Racing Commission (ACT). The Commission puts forward strict requirements for applicants. It also closely monitors compliance with Responsible Gambling principles by licensees.

For two or more violations during the reporting period (for example, accepting bets from minors or non-residents of the country), a two-year prison sentence is provided for the head of the casino operating company.

The Australian gambling licence in the capital region is available for:

  • sports betting;
  • games of chance;
  • lotteries.

Entrepreneurs can open a land-based casino establishment, a slot machine hall, a bookmaker's office, and a lottery ticket sales point.

The permit’s validity term is set individually for each applicant. The state fee is $200,000. Further, the operator needs to pay $100,000 each year.

Such a high cost is due to the high popularity of the region. A solvent population lives here. People are happy to spend money on gambling.

The commission carefully checks software and hardware for compliance with security standards. Closed circuit television surveillance (CCTV) is the key to protecting operations in ground halls (casinos and betting shops). The regulator has access to the program and can monitor what is happening in the room through the online monitoring service.

The Australian casino licence in the capital region is available to land-based halls’ employees. The Commission issues work permits for croupiers, dealers, administrators, and management positions. There are 2 types of documents: temporary (for up to 6 months) and permanent (for 3 years).

New South Wales

The Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing issues permits for:

  • accepting offline and online bets, including sweepstakes;
  • managing gambling halls in hotels and clubs;
  • producing, distributing, and certifying software and hardware.

The cost of permission to open a bookmaker's office, sweepstakes, or gambling halls is calculated individually. The final amount is affected by the size of the premises, the number of equipment units (betting and slot machines, game boxes, etc.) installed in the hall, and other factors.

At the beginning of the year, the Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing published a fixed permit price for developers and software providers.

Gambling licences in Australia cost:

  • for manufacturers of slot machines and software — $10,555;
  • for testing centres — $1,056;
  • for sellers of slot machines and software — $528;
  • for slot machine technicians — $211.


The issuance of documents is handled by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation.

The following types of permits are available to entrepreneurs:

  • Australian online casino licence;
  • skill-based games permit (for example, poker);
  • online lottery licence;
  • permission to hold charity and non-commercial draws;
  • sports betting, horse and greyhound racing licences (the exclusive owner of the document is UBET QLD Limited).

The entrepreneur must prepare and send the following package of documents to the regulator :

  • the application for obtaining a licence for interactive gambling activities (form No. 1);
  • information about all founders, investors, managers and beneficiaries of the iGaming project;
  • characteristics of the software used (titles, systems, and platforms), as well as conformity certificates;
  • data on the company’s registration and opening an account in a local bank;
  • a copy of the receipt of payment of the state fee.

Before obtaining a casino licence in Australia, the operator has to pay a one-time fee of $20,070. There is a discount for the organisers of charity and non-commercial games. They contribute only $2,008.

The entrepreneur should also obtain a key person's permit ($580 for each managerial position) and pay a fee for the assessment of equipment and a security system.

How Much Does a Casino License Cost in Australia?

Casino licence in Australia: cost

The price of the document depends on the state in which the businessman plans to launch a gambling project. The highest tariffs are provided in the capital region. It is necessary to pay $200,000 only for the first year of work there.

The cost of operating depends on the fiscal burden on the business. The level of taxes varies in different states. The gross domestic product (GDP) of Australia is 15% made up of taxes and licence fees from the gaming industry. For this reason, gambling is considered an important part of the country's thriving economy:

  • Operators from the capital region transfer 15% of GGR to the treasury.
  • Offline casino owners in New South Wales pay between 33% and 50% of the establishment's quarterly profits. Revenues up to $50,000 are exempt from tax. The calculation of the quarterly taxable base is carried out through the State Data Monitoring Service (DMS).
  • In Queensland, the betting tax is 20%. The entrepreneur transfers money to the treasury only if the income is equal to or above the TWR (time-weighted rate of return). The local regulator reviews the TWR every year. In 2023, this is $300,000.

Why is it Worth Launching an iGaming Project in Australia?

The main advantages of the solution are:

  1. The popularity of bets among the residents. The country is considered one of the most attractive regions for investing in the gaming field.
  2. Thoughtful legislation. It differs depending on the jurisdiction. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can choose the conditions that are right for them. We are talking about the available types of gambling, the cost of licences, taxes, and the requirements for the applicant. In total, there are 8 states in the country. The most loyal terms are provided in Northern Australia.
  3. Advanced IT infrastructure. An entrepreneur gets access to high-speed telecommunication networks (4G and 5G), powerful data processing centres, and modern cloud storage. Australia has a well-developed labour market, including IT, fintech, and banking fields. It also makes it easier to launch and manage an iGaming start-up.
  4. State support. The gambling sphere accounts for about 15% of the country's GDP. The authorities support and stimulate the development of the field in every possible way. The New South Wales Commission, for example, grants a 12-month income tax deferral.
  5. International prestige. Gamers and B2B partners (software vendors, hosting providers, affiliates, etc.) trust Australian licenced casinos. The country has an impeccable reputation in the world market.

The Main Things about Obtaining a Licence in the Jurisdiction

Australia is a popular option for launching an iGaming start-up and scaling a business.

  • The country is divided into eight federal states. Each of them has its legislation. Most often, entrepreneurs invest in the gambling business in the capital region, New South Wales, and Queensland.
  • To obtain a licence, the entrepreneur needs to register a company, open an account with a local bank, and provide certificates for the software and equipment used. In the capital region and Queensland, a permit for a key person is also required. This could be a director, administrator, chief operating officer, or other senior position.
  • The advantages of licensing in Australia include the popularity of bets among the residents, convenient legislation, a well-developed IT infrastructure, government support, and international prestige.

CASEXE provides assistance in licensing gambling businesses. We will prepare an application to the regulatory body, advise on any technical and legal issues, and order the certification of equipment and software.

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