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Women in Casinos. Their psychotypes and preferences

Women are involved in gambling at least as much as men, and maybe, even more. Females have different reasons for gambling. They are willing to escape family conflicts, lack of career opportunities, and just a reality.

Gambling business for sale and development companies should clearly realize which type of visitors attend their site, which are their aims - to gamble on a serious money or to have fun in the afternoon.

There can be no confusion on this issue with men, but the situation with women is much more complex. Male audience primarily target at the following goals:

  • to win
  • to show off among friends
  • to spend a winning on himself or his woman
  • to pay debts

When it comes to women, they visit casinos with a variety of, sometimes simply unbelievable, goals. CASEXE, a gambling business for sale and promotion company, undertook a study of the issue and identified several female psychotypes in gambling.


  • Mischievous girl

She is also called as a bully, a bad girl, and a wild child who cannot imagine her life without vivid impressions. This type of woman is completely insane.

The mischievous girl is 18 to 33 years old, the age when you want to try everything and risk everything you have. Roulette is that sort of her entertainment in gambling business for sale, which does not require any special skills to win.

This game features a complete unpredictability of outcome. It is also about slot machines that are also enjoyed by bad girls.

  • Huntress

The age category of huntresses varies within 27-40 years. They know what they want most out of this life. Moreover, such women are keen to learn new things, tending to be constantly self-training and discovering new activities.

This female psychotype stands for a vibrant woman who adores serious and complicated gambling. Slot machines are no surprise for them - they simply cannot demonstrate their skills. Their real thing is table games such as blackjack and poker.

  • Priestess

Online priestesses of love are exactly the same as those at land based casinos. Their main mission is not about a game play or a big win. These women, aged over 42 year old, are looking for a sponsor for a short-term relationship, whether in online or reality.

Such women are not interested in single-player online games. The priestesses do not mind playing bridge and preference, but they reluctantly do not go for Durak (Fool) game. In their view, the desired companion should not be obsessed with such a silly fun. The priestess' key part of the game is chatting with players and "haunting" the future victim.

  • Companion

Online gambling business, whether aiming at for sale or for development, considers another psychotype personality called a companion (friend, satellite).

These are middle-aged women who are not pursuing any global goals in the casino, but are playing solely to keep company to their men. In this case, it is the man who is the main client at the casino, and the female partner plays a role in supporting him.

She usually supports her man via her own computer, sitting just a few meters away and following his gameplay. Generally, the companion plays the same games as her male partner. Moreover, in the case of a woman who has an infant personality, the whole game is carried out exclusively under the supervision and mentoring of a man.

Summing up

Identifying the target audience in the online gambling, its needs and preferences in the online casino is a key task for the gambling business for sale or development operator.

CASEXE recommends sending special newsletters to female-targeted audience. It is quite simple to identify it by polling on the site, which require personal data filling (you can only ask to specify a name of a visitor).

By answering, you will be able to set statistics of female visitors and then you can send out newsletters announcing new games releases (based on preference statistics), special bonuses for women, and more. To create such promotional letters, you can use the spin text or contact the CASEXE team.

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