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White label casino software and mobile gambling: Booming innovation, synergy and new opportunities for business development

Today, mobile gaming is in its active development phase. As early as 2016, its share was 33% of the world's total gaming industry, and now the figures are steadily approaching 50%. Applications and mobile versions of online casinos based on white label casino software impress with their design features, incredibly colorful and detailed graphics. Precisely speaking, mobile devices perform a way more quality game broadcasting than standard PCs.

It should be noted that devices, both desktop and pocket ones, play an important role, as a quality of game broadcasting depends on their technical capabilities and hardware.

The CASEXE company, in view of the active growth of mobile sector and demand for such products, has conducted its own industry study. We decided to find out what a modern mobile gambling is, what it is going to be in the near future, and whether to be concerned about a total transition of gaming based on white label to the mobile sector, which means a full elimination of casino software for PC.

Cross-platform software and cross-channel solutions

Game developers for online casinos create content based on trends and needs of the world's gambling industry. The latter promotes a development of cross-platform solutions to be used on any device.

At the same time, it is important that a gambler receives the same game experience as on PC. Nevertheless, a game should be capable with mobile platform, providing an option to save a game progress while switching between different devices.

Cross-channel solutions fully meet this challenge by allowing gamblers to play "on-the-go". The  white label casino software is innovative service allowing you to save your game progress on one device and start it from the saved point on another. You do not need anymore to restart a game or to worry to lose your winning on the deposit account.

Expert opinions

All participants in the world gambling industry predict the growth and development of the mobile gaming market. However, legal considerations will play a major role in the creation of applications for the segment.

Geolocation technologies, as well as state, regional and national legislation and regulation will also be effective in this case. Experts believe that there will be established special supervisory bodies to monitor several gambling spheres.

Subject matter experts suggest that these measures will properly protect interests of mobile players and their confidential information stored in white label casino software, and actually create a beneficial legal field for mobile games development around the world.


Considering mobile gaming in figures, there are now about 64 million users using mobile devices to play games online. Experts estimate that it will increase by 1.5 times by 2018, and approximately 100 million people are expected to be involved.

No complete submersion of white label casino software for PCs is expected per se, since both PC and MAC users do really enjoy playing via personal computer.

As for mobile devices, there is a growing number of people giving preference to Android and iOS, which means that in the near future, we will face a boom of game content designed specifically for tablets, smartphones, etc. based on these pieces of software.