What do casino customers want from gaming site?

17 march 2016

What do casino customers want, while getting on the gambling portal page? What can attract their attention and motivate them to come back again?

Exclusive Website Design

Casino site design: features

Undoubtedly, the visual design of the site is the first thing visitors see, a gimmick that helps your casino to stand out from a huge number of copycat sites. While in land-based casinos special attention is paid to the interior, furniture and decorative fixtures that create an individual style and comfortable atmosphere, in a virtual casino this function is fulfilled by qualitatively created website design.

Since not even the most experienced users can see the difference between good and poor design, there is no point in saving expenditures for it. There are several ways to create a unique image of the casino webpage.

To save time you can use pre-designed templates offered by providers. But in such a case there is a possibility that the selected template is already used by another casino. Thus, a much more effective option is the creation of an exclusive design, which will embody the creativity and peculiar ideas of the operator.


An online casino website should have a well-defined structure, as it affects directly the comfort of the users and as a result, creates the game resource's positive image. Online casino customers should spend their time playing and placing bets rather than surfing through endless menus and skipping from one page to another. After opening the game room doors, players should understand immediately where to find desired game or service and their way to the "Play" button is to be as simple as possible.

Moreover, such a well-defined structure of the site will facilitate further casino search engine promotion. A casino site with a sophisticated structure and high-quality optimization is more likely to be at the top of search engines, thereby increasing the attendance of your gambling house.

Advanced Game Content

When creating a casino it is important to understand which games will be interesting for the customers. In this regard, it is necessary to analyze structural inquiries and use only the most popular games for the particular region. There are many independent ratings formed by players and experts. Having studied them, operators will be able to create a list of the most popular and advanced games for their casinos.

It is also important to take into account the experience and reputation of casino games providers and the profitability of their usage in the geographical coverage of the casino. Important components are multi-language function, graphic design, usability and availability of a wide range of gambling games features.

Proper Payment Systems

Integrating a huge number of payment systems may be not enough, because they may still not include the one convenient for players within the casino’s footprint.

In order to create optimal payment solution for casinos in a certain location, one must carefully study all popular payment systems and provide players with the opportunity to use them easily.

Bonus System

Online casino loyalty program is an effective way to retain and encourage players. A special bonus system enables players to receive prizes and additional gains regularly and thus makes them run a casino application on their computers more often.

There is a whole hierarchy of loyalty programs: for beginners and casino veterans to find the motivation to visit the casino systematically. Theoretically, the bonus system should include at least 5-6 different awards. Operators may also provide awards for individual players or associate some special offerings and bonuses with certain events.

Casino customers want not only to win and enjoy games but also to feel important, special and essential. The operator’s attention inspires the confidence and trust of the customers and makes them play more often and for higher stakes.

Useful Content

Online casino content: nuances

When visiting an online casino, players, first of all, hurry up to see the games. But if some questions occur suddenly, people should find answers on the casino website immediately. For example, if the game interface or functionality is not quite clear to the player, make sure that all necessary information is available in an intelligible form and within reach.

It is also important to publish information about jackpots, bonus systems, special offers and terms and conditions of payouts. Additionally, players should always have access to information about the licenses. If players can not find the registration number, date or licensing authority name, they may stumble at the legitimacy of the casino and leave it forever.

Online Chat and Tech Support

One more important expertise criterion is 24/7 technical support, carried out by means of a free telephone line (for the operating region), e-mail or online chat. Quick and qualified technical support is one of the key components that customers want to get from the casino website. By providing assistance in solving various problems, the casino operator will ensure the reliability of the project's reputation.

An absolute sense of what casino customers want while visiting the site will allow operators to foresee their wishes and needs and organize the work of the gambling house more effectively.



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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