Traffic as a casino marketing strategy: ways to delude operators and loopholes in the system of customer retention

The World Wide Web burst with thousands of offers, so-called system loopholes, promising to provide you with a necessary number of customers in exchange for your money, however, at the end of the day, all you get is a zero amount of deals, sales and customers.

Top 5 types of internet traffic fraud:

Aggressive Advertising and Motivated Traffic

This is one of the most widespread schemes used as a casino marketing strategy by dishonest arbitration providers. Basically, such a strategy presupposes active actions of arbitration providers imitating quality performance on the website of the operator, while the operator itself doesn’t make any profit at all.

Clients visit online casino websites and in exchange for using it are getting insignificant remuneration. This might include registration on the webpage, slot gambling or playing demo versions of roulette, or playing several games all in one session. In such a manner, arbitration providers imitate active engagement in the processes on the website, while operators obtain zero revenues.

Preventive measures

Track statistics: a substantial number of refusals noted by “Yandex. Metrica.” is alarming proof of your collaboration with dishonest advertisers.

Monitor clients’ retrieve. In case the statistical data proves that there have been made thousands of registrations, though customers do not come back to the webpage anymore, rest assured, it’s a fraud.

Casino traffic: nuances

Fake Call-Centers

Dishonest arbitration providers purchase thousands of SIM cards and virtual numbers in order to get requests and approvals from the administration of the website. Operators make sure that leads are converted into real requests and potential sales. In fact, such online casino users are all fake.

Preventive measures

Delay payments or restrict feedback services, as long as fake numbers are available no longer than half an hour. Incorporate additional “supervisor call” into your regular casino marketing strategy. If you collaborate with dishonest webmasters, all indicated numbers will be unavailable already on the following day.

Traffic Augmentation by the Means of Iframe

This method helps cut off cookies belonging to webmasters. As a result, data is transmitted almost to every online casino user, while conversion is equal to 1:10000. Transmission is carried out via the following HTML code: <iframe src=”http://affiliate link ” width=”1” height=”1” align=”left”>.

Preventive measures

Do not let advertisers use iframe technologies and monitor the actions of arbitration providers on your own.

Online casino traffic: key aspects

Deluding Users by Using Popular Brand Names

Arbitration providers frequently go by the name of popular trademarks while promoting their ads by offering to click the banner and get a discount promo code in return. Users follow the link, while advertisers lose organic traffic and customers.

Preventive measures

Currently the concept of a casino marketing strategy presupposes the usage of special services (for instance, brandguard.ru) aimed at tracking brand names on the website. This approach turns out to be even more effective if monitoring is executed both by advertisers and affiliates.

Usage of Browser Toolbars

Usually, it implies the usage of any existing info modules including free browser applications containing promo codes. It happens as follows: users visit the webpage; however, while following internal links of the webpage they usually click on “back to the page via affiliate link”, although in fact they never left the webpage.

It seems as if the total volume of traffic increased, however, operators experience decrease in conversion rates of the rest of resources. It is not uncommon that sometimes passwords are stolen from databases, as well as money from accounts.

Preventive measures

Manual traffic monitoring and refusal from all free browser applications. This method is extreme, but effective.


An effective casino marketing strategy presupposes the collaboration of an operator with honest and legit webmasters. Do not venture your money: advertising campaigns should be compensated with real clients.

With regard to the gambling business, it is very important that clients are actively spending real money while gambling in an online casino, rather than gamble in demo versions.

The CASEXE team recommends collaborating only with reliable advertisers, as well as keeping up with the latest tendencies of the iGaming world. If you really doubt your own capacities, turn to real experts! Previously we have told you how to improve communication with online casino users and what tools to use in order to make it effective. 



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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