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Software for sale online of Ethereum and Bitcoin. New generation currencies: competitors or allies?

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become the key mechanism changing the world of money. Today, traditional currencies are increasingly replaced by digital money, making it easier, more profitable, more reliable, and safer for users to carry out their transactions. The cryptosociety is focused on two digital currencies - Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Software for sale online of cryptocurrencies constitutes an open-source platform followed by decentralization in digital currencies. Apart from sole essence of ETH and BTC, each cryptocurrency is designed to meet different challenges, has its pros and cons, at both social and economy levels.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Ethereum is considered as the second-generation digital currency. Under the concept of Canadian developers who created the ETH in 2014, it is expected to replace the first and current the most popular cryptocurrency in the world - BTC.

Ethereum features a sort of mining network based on a decentralized system. Cryptocurrency is provided with a computing online platform developing a software for decentralized applications. The software is designed for any sort of options, one of which is to develop your own digital currencies for sale online or without subsequent bidding.

Originally, ETH was intended to be used in the business environment. Entrepreneurs benefits from ETH core strengths due to its operative transaction's confirmation time. Unlike Bitcoin, which requires about 10 minutes to be confirmed, Ethereum performs the same function within 5-30 seconds.

The second-generation cryptocurrency has now reached the field testing stage. Cryptosociety refers it to an alternative digital unit of tomorrow, but so far it is less used in the business landscape than Bitcoin.

Reasons for BTC Popularity

Global cryptomarket devotes much attention to Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The surge of up to $3.000 and the upward trend in exchange rate suggests that it will continue to grow in value.

According to a global macro strategy researcher of Danish bank Saxo, Kay Van-Petersen, after 10 years, the cost of BTC will reach a mark of $100.000. If one considers the exchange rate of Bitcoin in the medium term, it will reach new record range of $3212-$3915. This data is provided by an analyst at Goldman Sachs, Sheba Jafar, noting that the first cryptocurrency expects a severe currency instability prior to its maximum rate, right up to the fall to $1.800.

Key differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Let us consider these two digital currencies, addressing their specifications, software for sale online, and purchases.

  • 1.BTC serves as a financial instrument to pay for goods and services
  • 2.ETH is used as means of payment for smartactions (bitcoin transactions).

Essence of cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin was created as a computational space needed to serve currency and financial transactions
  • Ethereum is a computing site to maintain a network of decentralized applications.


  • Ethereum is not limited to a block size
  • Bitcoin has a special chain format that, with addition of Sidechains, is able to destroy the entire system structure.


  • The price of BTC is generated by speculative demand
  • The cost of ETH depends on the volume and demand for transactions.

Software for sale online/purchase the digital currencies through the Internet - cryptocurrency exchanges - trade digital money at the same price. Significant difference in exchange rates is rarely fixed, especially at Bitfinex and Bitstam, which are trading at the ceiling rate.

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange is the most popular one among cryptosociety opting for Ethereum. There are more than 50% of all sales/purchase transactions made in ETH.


Since the inception of the digital currencies, today is the only time we can truly point out the obvious demand for them. And, despite of being less popular cryptocurrency, as compared with Bitcoin, it doesn't mean that Ethereum will remain uninvolved in the world of money.

The current global issue of digital economy is the lack of a sufficient public awareness on cryptocurrencies. This leads to a lack of credibility to the virtual currency industry, particularly to those which are aiming to take a role of the world's first cryptocurrency. That is exactly the goal pursued by Canadian developers when creating a software for sale online ETH as well as purchase it.

If you consider the digital currencies in the framework of online gambling, it is certainly almost true that traditional online casinos have given up the first place for cryptocasinos. According to Bitcoin Trip, in 2016, Bitcoin casinos received about 1.5 million bets in BTC.

Experts note that digital currency transactions are perfect for micro bets, unlike transfers from credit cards or restricted traditional methods of payment.

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