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Outstanding features of offline and online casino business

Gambling business is significantly different not only in relation to branches of gambling industry (sports betting, races, lotteries, gambling, fantasy and e-sports) as well as to way of conducting it.

Find out a difference between online casino business and land gambling activities in the Casexe review.

Expense side

Before opening your own land based casino, you have to build or buy a ready-made erection and then convert it to a gambling establishment. You are about a lot of costs for project development, construction or conversion, coordination with supervisory authorities, registration and legitimization of the establishment.

Today's realities require land based casino owner to spend significant costs on creation of a friendly and festive atmosphere, making players to feel comfortable. Together with casino, operators are forced to set up hotels, shops, restaurants, recreational centers, spa in order to attract players with comprehensive services.

In addition to the costs of maintenance, rent on land and taxes, casino landlords are forced to hire qualified personnel - administrators, dealers, cooks, maids, cleaners, managers. And it is far from being all the expanses.

As opposed to offline casino, Internet casino requires significantly less money. You spend on a server and a small team of IT specialists who supervise its continuous operation. You will have to lay out on software development or lease a ready-made platform at profile companies. You can save money on license by using a permission provided by online casino software developer.

Sum up: online casino business requires a lot less money for a successful start as apposed to a traditional casino.

Precarious legislation

Consider the situation: you have been visiting offices of permitting bodies, having paid a lot of funds for reconciliation, licensing, land allocation, casino construction. Finally, your gambling house opened and visitors come to play slots and roulette.

However, you still have to meet up with supervisory authorities, pay fines and meet their requirements, which are changing every month to the opposing ones, as well as to pay taxes and other charges. But your casino's revenue rises and everything seems going fine and all the unpleasant moments can be resolved.

And then, there's a new problem out of the blue. The parliament of your country adopts a scandalous bill prohibiting any kind of gambling on its territory. From now on, your activities are out of the law- your casino must be shut down, equipment to be sold, the staff to be fired. Your gambling club is a financial fiasco and it would be best, if you can somehow reorganize your business for other projects.

Online casino business is a free agent that can quickly change jurisdiction and adapt to negative conditions. If gambling is banned in this country, it can be registered in another one, obtaining an offshore license and continuing its work.

All you need is a little money for registration and legitimation costs, a study of requirements and legislation of your new gambling motherland, and a bit different software setup for prevailing circumstances like replacement of market and target audience.

Sum up: in the event of a ban on gambling in the country, a brick-and-mortar casino would be forced to close while an online gambling site would simply change its jurisdiction and be able to continue working.

Target Audience

The casino is designed to meet a specific target audience. The project always takes into account the preferences of potential players, their age and gender, social status, etc.

Terrestrial casino is a sea of fire, loud music, an atmosphere of celebration promising to turn into a total euphoria of major prizes. A vast majority of gaming clubs lean exactly on these pillars.

How many people can be attracted with this atmosphere? Will these people be able to go to the casino every day, or will they have to live with hopes for the emergence of a visiting audience, craving adventures?

Online casino business has no such restrictions. Its audience is thousands of users from different countries and not from a particular state. All you need is a proper marketing strategy by talented professionals, a quality affiliate program, and tempting bonuses.

Sum up: The online casino covers a large audience of potential players, as opposed to a geographically limited land based terrestrial gambling establishment.

Game Content

A special fee must be paid for each slot or game table installed in the brick-and-mortar casino. In some countries, a number of established poker tables or blackjack is regulated by law. In addition, a casino equipment is expensive and requires constant maintenance. It is quite complicated and very expensive to expand a range of games at land based casinos and it is a risk that the money spent would not be rewarded.

Online casino business is a complete freedom to choose game content. Every month, hundreds of new games of a great design, animations and themes appear in the market. Innovative IT solutions and new technologies attract players. It is enough to purchase a license from a company that performs gambling content and integrate it into your platform.

Sum up: Online operator provides players with a variety of gaming content, from the classical to the super new suggestions, including VR and live dealers. All the novelties are quickly added to the portfolio. Land based operator cannot show off with such flexibility.


Gaming business on the Internet is much more profitable than land based casino.

  • Cost savings
  • Less spending on staff salaries
  • Quick change of jurisdiction
  • Large target audience
  • Players from all over the world
  • Most relevant gaming content

In our review, we have reviewed main benefits of Internet business and there are far more of them. You can learn more by clicking the button below. 

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