Online casinos for sale: a reminder note for investors

5 april 2017

Criteria of Purchasing

On the Internet, you may find hundreds of advertisements offering turnkey online casino projects. If you are willing to invest into ready-made online casino products, before purchasing, please, consider the following criteria:

  1. Make a brief research on credibility and reputation of the resource offering online casino projects. It is quite possible that this resource might turn out to be infamous due to constant manipulations with gamblers’ accounts and delays in payments. It might take great pains for the new potential owner of such a project to restore its reputation and earn trust of target audiences. Take your time and think over if you don’t want to deal with a problem of low traffic, caused by bad reputation of the project.
  2. Find out what kind of software your resource is based on. It’s a very important for the casino not to be based on dozens of separate scripts, but on a single unified platform. Simply avoid purchasing projects based on scripts.
  3. Define the particular area of online casino functioning. Compare characteristics of the area where you are willing to operate, with the area offered in the online casino sales proposal. These are very important factors, as long as games and design of newly purchased online casino might not comply with tastes and preferences of the target audience of the area of your potential operation. The same approaches are applicable to licensing, as long as your recently bought casino can be licensed under the jurisdiction that doesn’t cover the area of your future operation.
  4. Make sure you are aware of the economic performance of the offered online casino. All financial transactions should be absolutely transparent and recorded in writing, if you are not willing to take the rap for someone else’s faults in case of a check by regulators. Find out whether the said casino used to bring profits to the previous owner, otherwise it is more than advisable to abstain from the purchase.

Online casino for sale: key nuances

Tips to Minimize Risks While Purchasing Online Casinos

Actually, it’s not the best choice to build a new successful business on the ruins of someone’s broken dreams. Online casinos for sale are not always an option, as long as at times buyers face unnecessary expenses, especially when the casino’s financial performance was previously far from perfect.

Purchasing a turnkey White Label by CASEXE is a reasonable and rational solution while starting your online gambling business from scratch. It includes quality and reliable software based on a unified platform comprising already integrated games and payment systems, as well as a licence with appropriate jurisdiction.

Later on, you will be able to perform without our guidance and run your business independently by purchasing your own licence and having ordered a customized project developed according to your personal needs and requirements.

Turnkey online casinos for sale by CASEXE are already based on multifunctional and efficient software; the only thing you need to choose is design. Start operating right away at minimal costs!

For the past 4 years, CASEXE managed to carry out 200 successful projects. Join our team of successful operators of virtual gambling clubs!



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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