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Online casino advertising by own efforts

After creating an online casino, when all mechanisms and components of gambling house are launch ready, when all features and nuances required for further effective operation are taken into account, one of the most important stages comes to the fore – project promotion. Online casino advertising is a key factor that affects the success of the project, number of visits and as a result the number of customers.

Some companies that provide turnkey solutions for online casinos offer assistance in project promotion. However, casino operators can do advertising of their gambling houses on their own, using the most effective marketing tools for gaming business. Let’s consider the most common marketing strategies for online casino promotion.

Affiliate programs

Advertising of online casino using affiliate programs is a key tool in promotion of the project, especially popular in B2B segment. Workflow of affiliate program is simple enough, but it gives real results very quickly. Such programs work the following way: affiliate website with a lot of potential customers, for example the one with casino games reviews, puts a link to your casino website. Userfollows the link and makes a deposit. As the result partner receives per cent of the deposit and casino operator gets new player.

While choosing affiliate program partner operator should make sure that the company has high reputation and credibility. Particular attention is to be paid to the interest payments and partnership conditions.

Some turnkey solutions include various ready to launch affiliate programs. For example, CASEXE platform already has a built-in module for the organization of promotional activities with reliable and reputable partners.

Search Engine Optimization

Being a modern tool for online business advertising, SEO increases traffic by optimizing the search engine rankings. To increase the flow of visitors to the website, it is important to develop the entire optimization scheme properly. First, one should analyze search requests, determine relevant keywords for a particular region, optimize website content, work with internal and external links and only then run all SEO mechanisms in order to achieve top positions in search engines.

Results may be visible after a few months already. Furthermore, during SEO campaign operator is able to monitor all the work done with the help of transparent reporting system.

Casino software providers may offer operators ready-made solutions for website optimization as well. For example, CASEXE platform is equipped with SEO module, which simplifies and accelerates the process of optimization as SEO functionality has been developed already and is ready for launch.

Email newsletter

One more advertising tool that has already become a traditional one is email marketing. Advertising of online casino via newsletter allows you to create a direct link between operator and potential player. The features of this type of strategy are as following:

- it does not require large investments

- creation of player database, including regular and potential players

- it saves time due to process automation

- constant feedback with players

Customer database may be created by own efforts, but it will take more time. Professional agencies are providing operator with necessary database, saving time and efforts.

Social media marketing

Today, online casino advertising includes the creation of social networking page of the casino. Currently social networks surpass all other resources in popularity. Among the benefits of SMM are:

- huge target audience

- low resource consumption

- prompt interaction with subscribers

- informal atmosphere of communication with customers

One should not limit SMM advertising of the casino by creation of the page in social networks only. There are more than a hundred of SMM tools to increase awareness of online casino and increase players loyalty to the brand. Promotion in social networks is closely related to SEO, so both promoting mechanisms are to be launched simultaneously. The best option is to employ marketing professionals’ services. They will help to use all SMM tools in the most effective way.


Yet another traditional method of promotion is publication of press releases and articles on the Internet. It is important to define the purpose of such publications and cover only interesting and attention-getting newsworthy events. Topics of press releases may include promotional offers, descriptions of new games, big winnings at casinos, interesting events in gambling industry, etc.

Well-designed press releases published on suitable resources with high traffic ranking will increase casino traffic and popularity of the gambling house. Such type of online casino advertising can be effectively used for promotion of both new projects aiming at coming in full force and already experienced casinos to report about all their news. One of the major benefits of PR is that links and releases are eternal and function on permanent basis.

Loyalty marketing

Loyalty program for customers is designed for long-term use and while developing it, one should set long-term goals. After all, to attract customers with bonus once does not guarantee that they will remain in this very gambling house for a long time. The main purpose of loyalty program is the creation of stable customer database by increasing players' satisfaction and engagement.

For example, CASEXE online casino platform, designed to attract and retain customers, may include a built-in system of bonuses, jackpots, pop-up messages, encouragement tools for individual players, etc. Operator in their discretion and depending on the needs of the casino can add features to loyalty program, or vice versa to reduce the number of prizes and awards.

CASEXE is ready to provide expert consulting support concerning all these marketing tools and launch them immediately after thestart of online casino project. We are confident that concerted efforts of marketing experts will make your casino very popular and in-demand gambling house as soon as possible.