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Marketing strategy of Golden Palace: how a well-known online casino made its way to success

Many online casino operators are interested in attracting customers and retaining regular visitors since their incomes profitability directly depend on the amount of traffic received. The company CASEXE suggests considering some of the non-trivial marketing approaches to online casino development.

Our experts are convinced, that non-standard approaches are effective in evokingvisitors’excitement. As an illustrative example, we might recall Golden Palace’s marketing strategy developed by Richard Roethat eventually turned the said project into a successful and extremely popular business.

Richard Roe's strategy: how does it work?

We stress upon the fact that this kind of approach is designed to attract clients to gambling houses looking more like respectable establishments, rather than short-lived websites. Initial steps require financial investments, but the result will justify any costs.

The official ban on placing online casino ads forced the said expert to look for new promotion tools. Richard Roe made use of such marketing strategies as ingenuity, epatage and absurdness in order to promote Golden Palace; however, it turned to work out. All of Roe's tricks caused a resonance in the society, and Golden Palace’s resource became famous all over the world.

Marketing tools almost crossing the line of acceptability

The first observation was conducted by the marketer in September 2001. Roe suggested making a temporary tattoo on Bernard Hopkins’s back, who is actually a professional boxer and a champion in middleweight and light heavyweight, during the fight with his opponent. The sportsman agreed to participate in the promotion for $15 000.

The inscription was tatted on entire athlete’s back visually resembling a link to the gambling resource Golden Palace. The fight for the championship got the attention of millions who actually noticed the "decoration" on their idol’s back.

Although, by the end of the fight the tattoo was distorted by sweat, the brand became recognizable, and on the day of the broadcast the casino traffic jumped by 200%.

The marketing trick of Roe had an unprecedented resonance in the society. The specialist had to go through several trials and court hearings to preserve the right to use this type of marketing in further campaigns.


Another marketing tool, invented by Richard Roe, was the use of strikers - people who are ready to appear naked in public places conveying certain messages to society.

During UEFA finals in May of 2003, a well-known striker Roberts appeared naked on the football field. On his back there was a temporary henna tattoo with Golden Casino’s web address and an arrow pointing down. Roberts unceremoniously ran through the field in the midst of the match, having attracted the attention of millions. Later, other companies started using the same strategy.

Richard Roe's talent did not fade out there. He came up with a new trick to draw attention to the gambling resource Golden Palace. Expensive, strange and impractical goods were used for a subsequent public promotion. These moves have always attracted the attention of the media. All this hoopla caused further provocative mass discussions about such stupid purchases, while a link to the Golden Palace unobtrusively flashed between the lines.


The CASEXE team is sure that a creative approach to the usual marketing routines can yield a desired result when other tools no longer work or there is a restriction on their use.

We recommend promoting your casino in a creative way, as creativity will bring you a high volumes of traffic, high profit and worldwide recognition. CASEXE is ready to support promotion and all kinds of development of your online casino project. If you have any questions contact our managers through the feedback form or email!

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