How to start an online casino: 5 easy steps to launch your project

17 may 2017

However, a lot of beginner entrepreneurs, even having a reasonable start-up budget and a clear vision of what their project should look like, frequently face another question mark — how do I start?

The company CASEXE suggests analyzing some of the ways that might help you to start an online casino right from the very beginning up to its successful launch. Let’s get started!

Tips to Start an Online Casino

Let us review the main stages and the tasks of operators:

Choice of a Provider

Any iGaming project starts with the right choice of software, which is an essential part of every successfully functioning casino. It means that future operators should think over the ways they obtain their software: whether it is going to be a single-time purchase or a monthly lease (in this case, they also have to consider the rate of the profit commission).


The company CASEXE offers its clients several forms of cooperation that eventually predetermine the ways of how you actually start an online casino:

  1.  CASEXE cross-functional platforms enable to start an online casino from scratch under its own exclusive brand and adjust its functional features right up to your personal needs. With regard to the above mentioned, operators can choose from designs and select the most suitable ones for their own webpage, integrate any amount of gaming content and any number of payment systems, as well as control all the casino processes via a multi-level administrative system.
  2. Within the help of CASEXE configurator, beginner entrepreneurs can make a casino project on their own according to already existing patterns and adjusting its functional features according to their personal needs. This is a great possibility of practicing your project development skills and a good chance to gain some insight into the whole process. It should be also said, that this very option doesn´t make your project exclusive, unfortunately.
  3. White Label solutions encompass turnkey casinos that maximally save your time and money. This approach requires less personal involvement of the operator into the process, as long as the project has already been developed. The only thing you need is to adjust your functional features and select the necessary design. Such a way to start an online casino to some extent limits the possibilities of the operator, though enables to launch a project within a short time.


Casino licences: important nuances

A license, broadly speaking, is a legal permission for operation on the current market. There exist numerous jurisdictions issuing gaming licenses all over the world differing from each other in terms of price, trustworthiness or restraints. It is also advisable to learn more about them before purchasing.

  1. CASEXE provides qualified support in matters of licensing, provided that an operator takes company´s software on lease. We help clients select only from those jurisdictions and conditions that truly meet the needs of a particular operator to prevent risks of restrictions that might occur in future. The price depends upon location: Curacao or Costa Rica licenses cost around $30 000, while British licenses go for €150 000.
  2. Note please, licensing is already included into the price of White Label by CASEXE, so you don’t have to spend additional money.

Choice of a Payment System

Online casino platforms by CASEXE enable you to create a unified digital wallet for making transactions and integrate unlimited numbers of payment systems that will maximally meet the needs of your target audience and suit your location of operation. Within the help of an administration system operators can manage and control all financial operations on their own, add and delete currencies, make financial reports.

Selection of a payment system is always supervised and guided by CASEXE experts in order to provide you with the most effective options possible. White Label solutions already include a set of built-in payment systems that do not require additional adjustments or changes.

White Label casino and payment systems

Choice of a Marketing Strategy

After certain steps in order to start an online casino have been successfully made, your casino is fully equipped and ready to receive customers, comes the turn of traffic retaining and marketing campaigns. There exist numerous ways to make big numbers of users not only find out, but become your long-standing clients.

CASEXE experts are there to help operators master effective marketing strategies in order to ensure successful marketing promotion of their gambling houses. 


Our operators are provided with valuable tips on effective SEO optimization, as well as the possibility to elaborate an affiliate program backed up with a whole system of bonuses, develop eye-catching newsletters, learn more on how to promote casinos on social media, etc.

Operators, in their turn, can propose ideas and visions of their own. Moreover, basic CASEXE platforms are already equipped with built-in marketing tools, such as SEO administration, bonus patterns, jackpot solutions, etc. Upon request, we also provide services of email marketing assistance.

Make Sure You Haven’t Missed out on Something

Operators should master multi-tasking, especially when it comes to online casino management matters. Probably you will need to employ staff in order to make your business more effective. CASEXE platforms enable their owners to distribute access to the system among employees according to the positions they fill.

  • Security. Another important matter that requires certain consideration is your security system. CASEXE offers software based only on contemporary risk control systems and anti-fraud tools that protect your data at all times.
  • Support of different languages. Casino websites should be equipped with settings enabling to choose from an unlimited number of languages. Visitors shouldn’t be restricted in terms of choice.
  • Special offers/bonuses. Well-thought systems of bonuses, as well as regular special offers, contribute not only to growing numbers of visitors but also help to retain your audience turning such visitors into loyal clients.
  • Gaming content. Apart from the fact that the basic game catalogue of an online casino can meet the needs of its target audience, it is crucial to update it and keep up with the latest trends in the market. Constant updates of your gaming content is a key to winning clients’ loyalty. 



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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