How to start a gaming business

24 april 2017

The company CASEXE prepared a short review on the main steps toward successful execution of a gaming project.

Initial Steps toward Launching a Gaming Business: How to Start & What to Do

At the initial stage, you should clarify what kind of business is the most preferable for you:

  • Online casino (slots, board games, live dealers, VR).
  • Betting (sports betting, politics betting, social betting).
  • Lotteries.

Each of the types mentioned above has its own specific features, requires legalization (licensing) and the rest of obligatory procedures to be carried out. At the initial stage, it is preferable to start with 1 particular type of gambling, gradually complementing your business with the rest of existing types, if you are looking forward to covering all of the available sectors of the gambling business.

Gambling business launch: steps

Choice of Location to Operate

An important requirement for a successful business is the right choice of location for future operation, as well as exhaustive marketing research of the selected sector. Marketing research of particular regions will help you to define your target audience, determine its preferences and eventually make you form an effective market proposal applicable to this very market fully covering its needs.

Choice of location is also crucial for further important processes like collection of necessary documents, registration, licensing, as well as predetermines the laws you will further comply with in order not to face claims from the regulator.

Having made a decision regarding the choice of location of your future gaming business, entrepreneurs get a clear idea of how to start a business, what kind of resources should be implemented and what kind of design and software to use in the project. Such essential details will be exceptionally instrumental for the companies responsible for executing your order, as long as they will already have a clear and accurate technical specification.

Promotion of Online Casino Websites

Online casino promotion: tools

Say, your developer has already delivered the project, though gamblers still cannot find it on the Internet, your traffic is almost equal to zero and you end up thinking it was a complete waste of money and time.

The times when gambling websites used to be rare discoveries have already gone. Nowadays in order to make your resource recognizable and eye-catching you need something more than just appealing design — you need advertising. The main obstacle in this case is that traditional advertising of gambling is prohibited in the majority of countries.

In order to promote gambling businesses, marketing experts make use of the following tools:

  • SEO optimization;
  • e-mail newsletters;
  • banner and contextual advertising;
  • social media advertising;
  • affiliate programmes;
  • encouraging bonuses and benefits.

Adding up to everything mentioned above, there exist other methods of promotion, as well as, day by day, the new ones are being invented — this very sector is constantly evolving along with constant development of the Internet and contemporary technologies.

While entrepreneurs are not quite aware of how to increase the rates of visitors, retain and attract new gamblers, it is crucial for them to seek assistance of specialists capable of resolving traffic issues and promoting your new resource.

In such a manner, the answer to the question on how to start a gaming business is quite simple — turn toprofessionalsof the iGaming industry.


How to Start a Business and Keep Afloat in the Gaming Industry

Say, your project has been successfully completed and shows signs of effective functioning, while your traffic rates break record levels. What’snext? Shouldyoubecomplacent? Thetruthisthatsuccessdoesn’tlastforever. Without constant promotion or broadening the range of offered products and services it’s quite easy to lose all of your clients, as long as they might easily leave you, attracted by more appealing offers from your potential competitors.

Gambling businesses require steady marketing researches, introduction of new techniques such as VR and live casino technologies, as well as improved gaming products and effective advertising aimed at retaining and attracting. All of the mentioned above involves sustainable investments, however brings high profits in return. Note, please, that promotion campaigns should be carried out on the regular basis, as long as random advertising doesn’t work.

Passive income from online gambling is either a myth or a short-term occurrence. As any other type of business, online gambling websites should be constantly improved in order to make them more customer — friendly, while owners should constantly study statistical data and gamblers’ requests to adjust their businesses to current market demands — approaches that will definitely take your project to a whole new level.



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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