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How to purchase a turnkey online casino and get maximum revenue?

Today, many web resources provide the opportunity to buy an online casino and launch a complete solution within the short term without additional adjustments. Purchase of White Label turnkey casino has some risks that have to be taken into account by the new operator, in order to avoid further difficulties and losses during the venue operation.

There’s a range of drawbacks about the complete casino solutions:

- Operator’s limited in making changes

- Possibility of poor content in the turnkey solution

- Incomplete consulting and marketing services

You can find more information about a turnkey casino on CASEXE website:

In this article, we address operators who prefer White Label solution in spite of all peculiarities, and want to receive maximum profit.

Online casino staff

Some operators think that online projects don’t require hiring full staff, and that all operations can be automated, and some settings would allow to minimize operator’s participation in casino management.

turnkey casino operation is not efficient if it’s neglected, and for productivity it’s necessary to employ services of some of the personnel.

First of all, a turnkey casino should be controlled by the manager. If operator doesn’t plan to be involved in the venue management, it should be the function of a competent manager who would be able to monitor all processes of casino operation during all time of the venue operation. Preferably, efficient operation of an online casino would require 4-5 people with certain duties. Apart from the manager, online casino team could include the following specialists:

- admin – communication with clients, providing of necessary information, help with registration;

- support – solving issues of technical operation of the resource;

- financial manager – all financial issues, money transactions;

- marketer – casino promotion, PR campaigns, advertising, promotional activities.

Before purchasing a casino script, operator has to create the team of professionals, that would be able to establish a well-coordinated operation of the business project and lead casino to generation of maximum revenue.

Online casino promotion

Selling of White Label casino includes consulting and marketing services from developer companies, that would drive further development and promotion of the online project. Still, these services are sometimes not efficient for real boost to popularity and traffic of gaming resource, so operators have to use additional marketing tools. One of the most efficient strategies of online casino promotion is creating an affiliate program. This type of attracting clients to the venue doesn’t require big financial investment, but gives a significant result within the short term. Starting the affiliate program development, you have to calculate the payout percentage and choose only the reliable partners who will provide a beneficial terms of cooperation.

Bonus system

After operator decides to purchase online casino, launces a project and attracts users with quality marketing, it’s necessary to engage mechanisms of user retention and rewards. Website traffic depends directly on the properly composed system of bonuses offered by online casino. 

Interesting loyalty program will definitely help to gain regular clients. The diverse bonus programs should be easy for understanding and create a desire to continue playing in the online casino. Information about bonus programs shall be published in the most vivid sections of website, in order the player to read it straight away. Properly designed loyalty program leads to significant increase in the number of regular clients.

The speed of winnings payouts

If the operator is aiming to promote casino to leading positions and gain trust of majority of players, payout speed is really important. The higher the speed is, the more satisfied are clients of the venue. The speed of funds withdrawal from online casino depends on the type of payment systems, operation of personnel or withdrawal limits policy. Quality online casinos always state the information on how long will it take to withdraw money with various payment systems and all available methods.

Development of online casino brand

One more important factor of successful and profitable operations of casino is its image. Creating a positive feedback from users is a task fulfilled with a help of positive marketing method. Articles and news about the casino published on special websites are considered to be the most efficient tool. Also, one has to create chats, blogs or pages in social networks, where players would be able to communicate and leave comments, and operator will have a possibility to react on any negative feedback from clients instantaneously.

It’s worth mentioning that on the stage of casino promotion, right after the launch, it’s vital to aim on the uniqueness of the provided gaming services that can attract potential clients. Next, in the process of casino expansion and its robust operation, spending on image advertising can be increased gradually.

If the future casino operator takes into account all abovementioned tips and ideas, purchasing a complete online casino in the future and launching a gambling business will be possible without the fear of failure, generating maximum revenue.