How to create online casino with CASEXE platform

14 june 2016

How to make an online casino successful, profitable and interesting for players? CASEXE experts have an eye for it. Our platform for online casino allows you to create your own gambling venue from scratch under your own brand and without huge investments and risks.

In order to show all advantages and benefits of casino creation with the help of the CASEXE platform let’s discuss all stages of the creation process in detail, from the very beginning till launch.


Casino Brand Creation

It all starts with the casino name that is to be chosen by the owner according to their preferences, taking into account the specifics of the business. The name of your brand should not only be original and unique but also embody the essence and peculiarities of your very business. To get fancy in order to stand out from a number of similar casinos is not the best option as well: the name should be simple and easy to remember.

Casino brand creation

When developing the brand and its components, such as logo and domain name operator should act responsibly and thoroughly. The success of your project depends on competent brand positioning.

Selecting and Setting of Platform Functionality to Suit Individual Requirements

CASEXE offers a cross-functional platform for online casino development and two options for the selection and configuration of its functionality.

  1. Turn-key range of options, carefully selected by our experts for the reliable operation of the casino. This option is more suitable for inexperienced operators who can not choose suitable functionality and do not understand how to make an online casino profitable one. Among the wide turn-key range of options, each operator will find a good fit for their own project.
  2. Individually configurable options. Within this alternative operator chooses all options on their own and CASEXE experts will help to integrate them, taking into account all the individual requirements.

License Selection

To select and obtain a license is the next important step in the creation of the casinos with the CASEXE platform.

Our specialists will tell you about the most simple and effective ways of obtaining a license and provide you with all the necessary information about the most popular and reputable licensing jurisdictions. With our help, you will be able to find the most suitable license for the project in terms of price and benefits that you get.

Online Casino Design Development

Online casino design development

At this stage of the casino creation using the CASEXE platform, you have several options for the development of a creative and original design.

  1. Ready-made template. The easiest and fastest way to create the bright appearance of your gambling project is to choose a ready-made design template from our library. Given that turn-key online casino designs are only proven and revenue-generating options. By choosing this option you save time and effort, but lose a bit in terms of exclusivity.
  2. Your own design. If you have already developed a website design, CASEXE experts will use it for your casino website.
  3. New design. There is a possibility to develop a completely new and unique website design from scratch. All your ideas and individual requirements will be implemented by CASEXE designers. It will make your website one of a kind and help your online project to become competitive.

Domain Name Selection

Domain name affects the casinos' image, operation area and further marketing promotion.

At this stage of casino creation, CASEXE offers you 3 options for obtaining a domain name, each of which has its own advantages and can be used according to the personal preferences of the operator:

  1. Free use of the CASEXE domain.
  2. Select a domain from the list.
  3. Register your domain.

Hosting and Server

CASEXE provides a casino platform with free hosting services on its own servers with the highest degree of protection. You can be sure that an online casino site will be protected from any hacker attack.

CASEXE hosting will provide the website with the necessary speed and high capacity. Whatever the number of visitors is, there never will be breaks or failures in website operation. Moreover, for smooth hosting operation, we have round-the-clock technical support, ready to provide all necessary assistance to the customers.

Select Game Providers and Payment Systems

When developing an online casino using the CASEXE platform, you can move beyond any boundaries, because the platform supports games and payment systems of all existing producers. We will help you to choose the best game content, which will be fully consistent with the brand and idea of your gambling house.

CASEXE experts will provide the most accurate and complete information about the games that can be integrated into the platform and tell about the pros and cons of a particular content. On our website, you can learn about the top 10 leading game manufacturers: https://casexe.com/en/integration-of-games.

The CASEXE platform supports all existing payment systems. Taking into account the geographic reach and popularity of the system, you will be able to choose the optimum set of payment systems to meet the demands of an increasing number of casino players.

After all the steps of casino creation using the CASEXE platform, an operator can proceed to the immediate promotion of the project and implementation of all the planned marketing strategies.

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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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