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15 september 2016

The availability of a flexible, up-to-date and multifunctional platform determines the smooth and regular functioning of any gambling house, as well as easy and clear cooperation with webmasters that guarantee the inflow of new traffic to the client’s casino. Precisely this type of software predetermines the success and level of development of any gambling project.

Casino programs: general info

Types of Soft Products for Online Casinos

There are a couple of approaches to gambling gaming software obtaining:

  1. Software purchase. The purchase of any software usually implies unsatisfactory inner content and the absence of customer and technical support from the provider’s side. Moreover, the purchased products might contain so-called “backdoors” that seem very handy for crooks frequently performing hacking attacks, extracting confidential information, as well as withdrawing monetary funds from users’ accounts. In case the purchase of gambling gaming software implies “private development”, which is the creation of a customized, exclusive product, the final cost of the whole thing will turn out to be madly expensive.
  2. Software lease. Gambling gaming software taken on lease implies the availability of technical support, regular updates of the software and the hardware of the whole system, and integration of additional modalities while elaborating on the project, as well as during its further operation. Moreover, maintenance of the software on lease is already included in the total price for the usage of products and is offered to clients as soon as there is a need or there occurred a couple of troubles. Leased gambling gaming products usually cannot be sold and, as a rule, the price of the lease comprises a certain percentage from the margin of the invested and withdrawn funds by the gambler into this very casino. In fact, operators give away a percentage of their total income to a platform in exchange for the quality and secure functioning of their online projects. As a rule, the charged percentage fluctuates between 3 and 25%.

Online casino software: types

Platform by CASEXE: Best Option for Your Online Casino Project

CASEXE company has developed an innovative shape of online gambling software, a unique and easily adaptable platform ready to adjust to any of the possible clients’ needs and flexible enough to change according to their swiftly shifting requirements.

The product is absolutely exclusive due to its versatility and readiness for any kind of further integration of gambling software. Accordingly, this kind of platform will make up an ideal base not only for online casinos but also for betting websites, poker rooms, lottery resources, etc.

A team of specialists is always there to provide support to the customer during the whole process of casino creation. Moreover, the said technical crew consults customers all over the world regarding management issues and tricks of the gambling business running in terms of this online project.

CASEXE frequently hosts events and venues focused on the development and advancement of the platform, offering trade secrets in the area of remote gambling. In order to find out more information regarding CASEXE platforms, visit the company’s official webpage https://casexe.com/



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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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