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For the record: ways to improve customer service. Online gambling marketing tips by CASEXE for operators

The industry of gambling is developing at accelerated pace and severe business competition forces operators to look for new effective methods of strengthening their businesses by investing significant funds into innovation and online gambling marketing.

The main focus is placed on customer retention and attraction of new online casino users, as long as they are seen as the main resource of corporate revenues. This article predominantly focuses on the most effective marketing tools for this kind of business.

Shares as the main online gambling marketing tool

Operators frequently benefit from shares in order to attract new users and retain already authorized ones in their online casinos. Gambling businesses are always ready to lose a certain percentage of regular income in exchange for clients’ loyalty to make them come back particularly to their resources again and again.

Operators attract new gamblers by introducing the following:

  • Welcome bonuses while registration or depositing
  • Occasional prize draws on the occasion of special dates or holidays
  • Daily quests that include micro-quizzes for insignificant but encouraging prizes
  • VIP clubs, whose members get returns on money they lost, as well as have the possibility of exchanging their membership tokens for certain products and services
  • Affiliate programs bringing certain percentage from wins of every gambler who managed to win, as well as bonuses from growing numbers of retained newcomers.

Any of these special offers stimulates customers to gamble more. The majority of websites shows interactive statistics of wins that also stimulates gamblers to gamble actively following the simple philosophy: “Some of them weren’t, but I’m lucky!” In any case, special offers turn out to be extremely effective tools of online gambling marketing bringing unlimited possibilitiesto operators.

Other effective tools of customer retention

Marketing experts are widely using such tools in order to influence their clients including the following ones:

  • Advertisement in the media (provided there are no restrictions)
  • Banner placement on different web pages
  • Engagement of celebrities as brand representatives, publishing of interviews with celebrities regarding how they managed to hit the super jackpot
  • Running events under the brand name of a casino, whereas the event itself might not be necessarily connected with gambling (song contest, talent show, etc.), however, is indicated as a logo on T- shirts of staff, banners, flags.

All approaches mentioned above help engage newcomers to your online casino and retain already established customers giving them the feeling that they are gambling in a reputable gambling house.

Online gambling marketing alsocovers the following methods:

  • CRM systems aimed at regulation of communication with gamblers, retention of active gamblers and acquisition of newcomers. Operators benefit greatly from communication with customers, as long as they get to know exactly what they want and what their needs are.
  • Push messages play the role of constant reminder that gamblers haven’t entered their gambling accounts already for a long time, which means lost possibilities to win. However, still exists the opportunity of winning, as long as, for instance, today is the day of a poker tournament, which is another chance to win. Messages of this kind seem cheerful and fun. As a result, gamblers are back in the game.
  • Limited timeframe of events. Customers might participate in a tournament promising substantial prizes after they meet certain requirements during a strictly limited timeframe. Frequently such tournaments are held during certain days of the week and resources are flooded with gamblers willing to win.


In order to keep up with the latest trends of popular online casinos it is crucial to use different online gambling marketing strategies.Particularly due to advertisementclients find out aboutexistence of the gambling resource and current special offers.

Design, gaming content, integration of payment systems including the language of the resource – everything matters, however, doesn’t fully solve all operators problems such as acquisition and retention of clients.

This is the type of task that marketing experts from CASEXE are used to solve on the daily bases assisting its clients not only with a consultation, but also with concrete actions. Effective strategies by CASEXE – the cornerstone of your successful online casino! 

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