Casino Security: the Main Challenges and Protection Methods

Updated 1 november 2023

Experts of the CASEXE company will tell you about common fraudulent schemes in the gambling industry and ways to combat them.


What Difficulties Operators May Face

Online casino security: fraudulent schemes

Basic patterns of criminals in online casinos:

  1. Multi-accounting. One user creates several profiles that are not connected at first glance. The purpose of such an action is to gain an illegal advantage in the game. And if in digital slots, it is not so easy to win a prize by fraud due to the high volatility, then in poker tournaments, the chances of attackers increase by 50 or 70%.
  2. Manipulations with identification. Minors or players from foreign jurisdictions can gain access to entertainment platforms based on false documents. This may cause the revocation of a licence and imposition of fines.
  3. Theft of incentives. There is a category of criminals who register on casino websites with one goal – to receive a welcome gift. Legally, bonus hunting is not prohibited but it harms the reputation and financial situation of gambling brands. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to carefully control granted rewards to prevent ineffective spending.
  4. Cyber​attacks. These are DDoS and system failures, phishing, the introduction of utilities, code obfuscation, etc. Their goal is to destabilise the work of iGaming portals and steal confidential data, for example, about the company’s cooperation with its B2B partners or customer base. Bank details are of particular value because, with its help, fraudsters can easily steal money from users’ accounts.
  5. Fake partnerships. In this case, business owners face dishonest affiliates who attract supposedly targeted Internet traffic, which actually consists of bots and visitors uninterested in the placement of bets. Entrepreneurs pay money for those clients who will not bring profit to their online casinos.
  6. Machinations with payments. These are terrorism financing, money laundering, and PEP. Operators may not even be aware of what criminal schemes are used. Careful scanning of transactions, as well as identifying and blocking suspicious transfers will help reliably protect gambling projects.

How It Is Possible to Provide Online Casino Security

The most obvious and affordable option is to buy special program components. They take into account external and internal risks, work proactively, and contain a set of unique tools.

The software is offered by the following major providers:

  • TransUnion;
  • Featurespace;
  • 4Stop;
  • Airnow Cybersecurity;
  • Yoti, and other international enterprises.

Let us consider the main tasks of the product.

Customer Verification

This is a multi-factor procedure that includes:

  • personal data;
  • geolocation;
  • sending one-time SMS;
  • biometric facial recognition.

The identification is based on the KYC method and helps to filter out potential fraudsters at the stage of filling out the registration form. Thanks to this, operators provide services only to real players and successfully fight bots.

iGaming Site’s Perimeter Protection

Protection of a gaming site: security software

Entertainment portals face hack attempts and theft of customer information every day. Even a seemingly harmless tool can destabilise the work of digital casinos. Once on the resource, it instantly damages important files and destroys previously established connections.

The acquisition of security software can solve this problem. Advanced program components deal with all emerging threats and improve site security, performance, as well as resiliency.

Key characteristics of the solution:

  1. IPS. This is an intrusion prevention system. The principle of its operation is based on multivariate analysis of network traffic passing through the main entry points.
  2. Firewall. It includes several functions: antivirus, antispam, intrusion protection, and web filter. Any suspicious activity (for example, logging in from a new IP address) is instantly detected and sent for additional verification.
  3. Identity Services Engine. The main tasks of the module are to manage authentication processes and access control. It increases the security level of the corporate IT infrastructure.

Risk Management of Payments

This is a thorough check of transactions for compliance with:

  • AML and FATF policies;
  • regulatory requirements of a particular jurisdiction of the industry as a whole;
  • the declared degrees of solvency (of players and B2B partners).

Careful verification of transfers significantly reduces financial fraud and allows entrepreneurs to spend money more efficiently on bonuses and advertising. Risk management also lowers the number of chargebacks, which are unfortunately common in the iGaming sector.

All operations are ranked according to risk levels. Transactions without comments are automatically confirmed, while suspicious transactions are sent for additional scanning. We are talking about transfers of large sums, payments with atypical IP addresses, partially filled-in details, etc.

Introduction of Innovations to Protect Casinos

Experts strongly associate the future of the entertainment niche with artificial intelligence.

Its algorithms speed up and simplify the verification of users and transfers that they make by order of magnitude, identifying externally linked accounts, hacking attempts, and fake personal details.

The key advantage of technology is the ability to self-learn. AI-based programs analyse competitors’ experience in fighting cybercriminals and instantly respond to new fraudulent schemes that appear on the Internet. When dishonest visitors decide to enter a gaming site, its owner will be as prepared as possible to resist manipulation.

To protect online casinos, it is also a good idea to use blockchain and cloud data storage. They are characterised by an innovative approach to the encryption of confidential information, making it even theoretically impossible to falsify or delete it.

The implementation of distributed ledger technology reduces data processing time and increases the overall productivity of a startup.

The Main Things about the Fight Against Attackers in the iGaming Sector

Fight against fraud in casinos: features

The industry is more susceptible to fraud than other sectors of the economy.

When launching a digital resource, operators need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Business owners are faced with attempts to hack the system, bonus hunting, theft of confidential data, and DDoS attacks. There are also frequent cases of fake partnerships, identification, and payment fraud.
  • The decision to buy security software eliminates many problems. Such program components protect the perimeter of the website, carry out risk management of transactions, and prevent minors from accessing the platform.
  • The future of the safety vertical in gambling is associated with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cloud data storage. These technologies speed up and simplify the processing of information and easily identify hidden fraudulent activities.

It is possible to buy security software from the CASEXE studio. We will ensure fast and hassle-free installation of the solution in accordance with local regulatory requirements.

From us, you can also order the following useful services:


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Author: Matt Grant
iGaming business expert
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