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CASEXE Science: Why do women play at internet gaming websites?

In the past few years, an online gambling industry has shown a steady trend of increase in women among regular visitors to internet gaming websites. What does make females to join online gambling clubs, how different is their perception of gambling - find out the answers in this review by CASEXE.

How do visitors of different genders perceive online casinos?

If you ask a woman and a man about their impressions after visiting a certain online casino, then the responders’ opinions will be very different. A man would tell you how he bet a mint of money on a zero in roulette and then lost all of it, how he almost won a big jackpot on the slot, and gained the upper hand among rest of the players in blackjack. All his stories will be revolving around winnings and lost money. That is for what men go to the online casino.

In case of women, they will talk about something absolutely opposite. For example, girls will admit a festive atmosphere, interesting followers, and an opportunity of communication. Most likely, a couple of words will be mentioned about a pleasant design of machines, funny characters, and outstanding bonus chips.

Winnings together with money itself will merge into a background. Undoubtedly, if a lady is lucky to scoop a big profit she will share this with her fellows, but she will be mostly describing an attractive dealer and some annoying competitress. The woman's impressions about a gambling website will be associated with emotions, feelings and personal experiences.

Opinion from psychologists

Experts of the field of female psychology are convinced that women usually visit online casinos in order to get away from a routine of everyday problems. Atmosphere of gambling sites gives positive emotions, distracts from day-to-day vanity, and encourages with surprises. Woman forgets about cleaning and washing, arguments with relatives, problems at work. An escape from reality is considered as the most common reason for going to some nice online casino.

Why do women prefer online gambling? First of all, because it is an anonymous way of entertainment. Moreover, there is no need for them to dress up, restrain their behavior and emotions in society.

The Internet is a world of anonymity where you can come as you are and play any role without any risk of being exposed. Nobody would blame a lady of her 50s for what she squeals like a teenage girl, when winning a serous prize. This is why internet gaming websites are preferable to land based casinos where woman is simply embarrassed to go alone.

Winnings: male and female reaction

How do ladies react on an abrupt big win? This is a hurricane of emotions, a topic for girls’ talks during next few months, as well as increasing number of upcoming purchases she has been dreaming of for a long time, but could not afford.

A man, in case of a win, also gets a topic for discussion with friends, but in another context. First of all, he is proud of his achievement and celebrates the triumph. The prize is likely to be blown on alcohol at some expensive restaurant, and then on the next bets on the Internet.

What are the social groups of female casino visitors?

Recent marketing research has shown that wealthy and independent women come to online gambling establishments, allowing themselves a small expenditure of honestly earned money. Internet gambling sites attract ladies to share their success with others. In this case, they are a little different from men who adore showing off their achievements.

There are not a lot of those women trying to improve their financial situation with help of online winnings. It is quite difficult to push a lady on such action because of rationality.

As opposed to men, women pragmatically perceive the possibility of earning on slot machines or in roulette. And a prospect of losing the last money will likely stop the ladies. Only a frankly desperate situation can push them on such a step.

In many cases, housewives visit internet gaming websites in a break between home tasks. They are looking for an opportunity to switch off from duties and have a little fun.


The main reasons why online casinos are visited by women:

  • Anonymity and no social stigma;
  • Escape from problems;
  • Entertainment and vivid emotions;
  • Anticipation of a big win with a subsequent purchase of necessary things;
  • Opportunity to share your success with strangers;
  • New acquaintances.

Women have very weighty reasons to visit internet gaming websites, and, eventually, a number of female visitors will grow exponentially due to a development of technologies and an opportunity to enter the gambling resource from any pocket device.