9 Arguments in Favour of Opening a Digital Casino in 2023

24 april 2023

The gambling field continues to attract investors from all over the world. Positive market dynamics, simple licensing, active introduction of innovative solutions, and other factors make the gaming business profitable and safe.

CASEXE describes the benefits of working in the entertainment niche and the prospects for launching an iGaming start-up.


Positive Market Dynamics

Open an online casino in 2023: market dynamics

At the beginning of the year, the Internet media resource ResearchAndMarkets.com published a report on the main changes in the web gaming field.

The market is showing positive dynamics. At the end of 2022, the GGR (gross income) of the sector amounted to $81.08 billion, according to analysts, the sum will increase to $88.65 billion in 2023.

The capitalisation of the industry is observed in all regions:

  1. The Asian market is considered the most profitable for launching and scaling an iGaming project. The largest population lives here (about 4.3 billion people). All types of gambling are well-developed. There is strong support from the authorities.
  2. LatAm is expected to demonstrate strong growth in the sector thanks to the legalisation of gambling in Brazil. The bill is at the stage of approval in Parliament. The launch of an online casino in Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, and other countries will bring a good income.
  3. Europe is considered a safe haven for investment in gaming. The IT infrastructure is well-developed here. There is a high demand for digital casinos and betting shops among the local population. Centuries-old gaming traditions are observed in the region. Tax rates and licensing rules vary depending on the country chosen, However, favourable conditions for launching an iGaming startup are created in Europe in general.

Positive market dynamics are seen in all key markets.

Clear Licensing Process

Today, gambling is allowed in almost every country. The exception is predominantly Islamic states. Gaming is prohibited there for religious reasons.

It is better to launch a casino start-up in offshore zones. These are jurisdictions with a well-developed gaming community, modern IT infrastructure, loyal requirements for entrepreneurs, and a feasible fiscal burden.

Where to open an online casino in 2023:


The state leads many international ratings of countries for launching a gambling project. Malta is appreciated by businessmen due to its transparent licensing procedure, high prestige, and low taxes.

Leading gambling software providers are registered or have representative offices in Malta — Pragmatic Play, iSoftBet, Microgaming, Habanero, Tom Horn, Big Time Gaming, and many others


All types of gambling require a single licence. Having received only one permit, an entrepreneur can open an online casino, a bookmaker's office, or a lottery site.

The authorities of Curacao are planning to streamline the procedure for licensing Bitcoin casinos and the use of cryptocurrency. New laws are expected to be adopted at the end of 2023

The Isle of Man

The country is characterised by low taxes and minimal requirements for businesses. The jurisdiction issues two types of documents — the main and sub-licences. It is also possible to get network-type permission


Entrepreneurs appreciate Alderney due to access to modern data centres, a developed gambling community, and a loyal fiscal burden on businesses.

In Alderney, a temporary permit can be issued for two months. The service is available for licensees from other countries who want to test the operation of an online casino in this offshore zone


The European jurisdiction is famous for its minimal taxes.

The government has developed a progressive taxation scale. The more entrepreneurs earn, the less they pay into the budget. The amount of deductions varies between 0.1—0.15% and depends on GGR for the reporting period

Access to Technical Innovation

The implementation of IT solutions is one of the indicators showing the growth of the gambling field. Innovations make iGaming projects more secure and comfortable to use. They are responsible for processing huge amounts of information and creating detailed analytics.

In 2023, the gambling sector focuses on the following tendencies:

  1. Artificial intelligence. Machines and programs that mimic human behaviour make customer service easier. AI takes on many routine tasks, facilitating the work of the operator. Artificial intelligence can study and analyse the previous gaming experience of the gambler and offer the gamer personalised solutions based on the data obtained.
  2. Blockchain. Providers create full-fledged Bitcoin gambling platforms. In such iGaming projects, the outcomes of each session are pre-encrypted using cryptographic tools. For this reason, blockchain casinos are highly trusted by gamers.
  3. VR and AR. Virtual and augmented reality tools are responsible for the visual perception of the gameplay. The task of manufacturers is to achieve maximum authenticity of products. VR slots require a special headset (glasses, helmets, and consoles). High-quality and inexpensive options can be bought from Google, Opus, and Samsung.

Convenient Automation of Business Processes

Modern software facilitates and speeds up the management of an iGaming site:

  1. CRM system. The Customer Relationship Management service is often built into a casino platform. The solution is responsible for controlling the interaction with gamers and B2B partners. The software can generate detailed statistics and analytics on key parameters of the operator's activity, create a payment calendar, offset debts with software suppliers, and perform other tasks.
  2. Chatbot. It is possible to launch a full-fledged entertainment project based on artificial intelligence tools and a popular messenger. Telegram, Instagram, Viber, and other social platforms with huge audiences are good choices. The chatbot can communicate with customers via text messages, learn customer preferences, and offer personalised games based on them, as well as identify punters, etc.

The automation of business processes facilitates the administration of online casinos and makes operators more flexible in their decisions. Entrepreneurs save time and money that can be redirected to the strategic development of their businesses.

24/7 Availability

The key advantage of an online casino is that it works around the clock and seven days a week. Built-in AI programs and CRM services cope with a huge flow of customers (during the holidays or just in the evening hours) without losing the quality of service and the security level.

The launch of an iGaming project is a better option than opening sportsbooks or poker rooms. They are highly dependent on seasonality (the presence or absence of top competitions) and the number of tournament participants. In an online casino, there is no such problem because most often a gambler plays against a certified random number generator.

An important advantage of an entertainment site is the absence of physical borders. Operators licensed in offshore zones can work in the .com domain zone and accept bets from all over the world. This is much more profitable than being limited to only one location.

Clear Work Strategy

Online casino launch in 2023: work strategy

An iGaming project is an understandable type of business with good prospects for growth and scaling. Unpredictable situations sometimes happen, but if entrepreneurs follow the previously chosen strategy, they can reach good profits quickly and achieve a high return on investment.

The main stages of launching an iGaming startup are as follows:

  • studying the project implementation;
  • registering a company and opening a local bank account;
  • obtaining permission in the chosen jurisdiction;
  • buying software (games, systems, financial aggregators, and security tools);
  • setting up hosting and exchange operations;
  • creating a gambling site design;
  • developing marketing and bonus campaigns.

Every stage of opening and promoting a gambling site is important for the entrepreneur. This is the only way to achieve the desired traffic. It can be quickly converted into regular players and stable profits.

Well-Thought-Out Marketing Strategy

Any online casino needs high-quality advertising. It is important to declare a project in a highly competitive market at the right time, to demonstrate the benefits of registering on a gambling site and making an initial deposit. To do this, entrepreneurs use different tools — from promotional codes and bonuses to personal email newsletters.

In 2023, performance marketing is in demand. It is based on several advertising approaches and promotion methods. Their goal is always the same — to attract as much solvent Internet traffic as possible.

The entrepreneur can evaluate the intermediate results of promotion at any time and conclude the effectiveness of the chosen strategy based on them. It is possible to make adjustments immediately if necessary.

Performance marketing is based on several popular methods:

  • SEO;
  • SMM
  • email newsletters;
  • targeted advertising, and many others.

The entrepreneur can focus on only a few tools or use all options for casino promotion at once.

Affiliate Marketing

The operator has the right to delegate advertising functions to outsource services. These are affiliates — private masters or partner companies. They are focused on promoting online casinos “from A to Z”. The entrepreneur pays only for the finished and measurable result.

It is better to organise the interaction with affiliates through special partner services. They provide a full range of tools for fruitful cooperation of both parties. These are Internet traffic trackers, promotional materials, templates, tables, graphs, the secure deal function, and others.

Payments in affiliate marketing are carried out following two schemes:

  1. CPA — a fee for the target action. This can be opening a site, clicking on a banner, registering, making an initial deposit, and activating slot reels.
  2. RevShare — transferring a part of the profit earned thanks to the attracted Internet traffic. The percentage of deductions is negotiated in advance in the contract.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is the opportunity to save a significant amount on gambling site advertising. The entrepreneur pays only for the final and measurable result, without wasting money.

Mobility and Independence

Start an online casino in 2023: mobility

The target audience of online casinos is people who are interested in innovations and various technological solutions. They spend time on gambling sites with great interest and enjoy the game.

The online casino format is perfect for Digital Natives. Users can play from anywhere in the world without being linked to a specific location (home, work, college, etc.). A wide range of functions (multiplayer mode, viewing betting history, communicating via interactive chat, etc.) also has a positive effect on the popularity of iGaming portals and operators' profits.

The Main Things about the Benefits of Launching a Gambling Start-Up in 2023

The online casino field is a modern, promising, and highly profitable type of business.

  • The creation of a gambling site is beneficial due to the rapid growth of the entertainment market. Increasing profits and ROI (return on investment) are observed in all key regions, including Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
  • Clear regulation of the market is another advantage for online casinos. Most often, businessmen consider offshore zones. These are Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney, and other jurisdictions. They offer clear licensing rules, access to advanced IT infrastructure, and low taxes.
  • Working in the gambling sphere is beneficial due to the introduction of tech innovations. These are artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and other high-tech solutions.
  • The advantages of launching an iGaming start-up include simple administration, 24/7 availability, a clear market strategy, mobility, and independence. An online casino is an easily scalable business. No matter where in the world the operator is physically located.
  • A wide range of tools are used to promote gambling sites. Effective advertising approaches include collaboration with affiliates and performance marketing.

Order a branded iGaming start-up from CASEXE. We implement projects of any scale — from White Label platforms to high-tech Bitcoin casinos. It is possible to launch a turnkey entertainment site or buy a ready-made script.

CASEXE provides useful services:

  • the implementation of HTML5 slots based on a customer’s sketches;
  • the formation of a business plan;
  • assistance in licensing;
  • marketing promotion;
  • the connection of payment services, and others.



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