Alderney Casino Licence: Cooperation with a World’s Leading Regulator

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The country is one of the Channel Islands under the British Crown of Guernsey. The territory has developed its political structure and offers an effective legislative framework, including well-structured and clear rules for the regulation of the gaming niche.

Many operators from different parts of the world want to obtain a licence in the jurisdiction. It is considered one of the most authoritative and prestigious. Its permits guarantee the security of all participants and greatly increase the audience's trust in the iGaming platform.

Alderney casino licence: basic info

CASEXE experts will tell you about the benefits of casino certification in Alderney, how the process of issuance of the document takes place, and how much it will cost the applicants.


Advantages of Legalising Gambling Projects in the Country

The local government thoroughly approached the process of regulating the casino business and created very loyal conditions for the representatives of the industry.

A favourable environment was made up of the following factors:

High Level of Players’ Trust

The jurisdiction was one of the first to be whitelisted by the UK since the Gambling Act entered into force in 2005. It means that the regulator meets the highest standards so that entrepreneurs can provide and advertise their services at the international level.

Modern High-Tech Approach

The island has a network of advanced data processing centres and support for digital channels. The region receives and handles an order of magnitude more iGaming traffic than any other country in the world.

Single Permit

It covers all gambling areas on the modern market, which means that those who have obtained a local certificate can offer users any kind of entertainment for money:

  • classic slots;
  • lotteries and bingo;
  • video poker and card games;
  • live content, and other products.

Loyal Economic and Tax Environment

A permit issued in the jurisdiction provides business owners with several economic benefits, such as:

  • exemption from tax deductions;
  • a fixed annual commission instead of income tax from the gambling platform;
  • no value-added tax;
  • absence of levies from organisational processes and programs for the distribution of casino services.

Smooth Interaction with the Audience

Local licence applicants can count on comprehensive assistance and support from the government. It concerns both transferring their client base and software to the jurisdiction and the reverse process and purchasing and maintaining concurrent permits.

Risk Assessment as a Basis for the Business Regulation

According to the current legislation, the local certificate gives operators the right to be subject only to those authorities that are related to their type of activity.

At the same time, the main task of the island’s government is to ensure maximum transparency of digital entertainment for real money. The local governing body (AGCC) is part of the European Forum for the Regulation of the Casino Industry and the International Association of Gambling Regulators.

Types of Permits for Running a Business

Alderney gambling licence: types

The iGaming document in Alderney covers all kinds of thematic solutions. However, applicants should distinguish between some of its varieties.

The local regulator offers full-fledged and substitute certificates for B2B and B2C representatives of the casino niche. A licence obtained in the country provides its holder with the same opportunities for running a business.

The only difference is that one document is issued to companies with local registration, and the other — to foreign applicants who do not have a representative office and a legal address on the island.

Types and formats of the country’s gambling permits

B2C licence and certificate of conformity

The holder of the document has the right to:

  • provide all kinds of gaming services;
  • receive, process, and verify the data of clients (for example, check the IDs of users);
  • manage the player’s funds

B2B permit and certificate

Their aim is to legalise software vendors and cover all aspects related to the technical content management and organisation of gambling transactions in casinos and betting shops

If operators already have permits obtained in other offshore zones but want to launch a legal online casino in Alderney, they can apply for a temporary certificate. Such a document issued by the AGCC implies the same rights and obligations as a full permit but for a limited period.

The certificate is valid for:

  • 29 consecutive days;
  • any 59 days within 6 months.

Upon expiry, the regulator will require the entrepreneur to file an application for the purchase of a full licence or demand to terminate activities in the territory of the jurisdiction. Holders of a temporary certificate are given 42 days to collect and send the necessary documents.

How to Obtain a Casino Licence in the Country: the Main Requirements

The process is quite complicated and lengthy, and it usually takes about 4 weeks.

The time for consideration of an application can reach 6 months if there are no errors in the initial order. If the regulator finds inconsistencies or an incomplete set of documents, the request will be rejected and recommended for further development.

Regardless of the sphere in which the operator works (B2C or B2B), the following requirements will be applied to him:

  • full compliance with all legal norms prescribed in the local legislation;
  • mandatory registration of a legal address on the territory of the island, if the entrepreneur expects to obtain a full licence;
  • preparation and submission of a detailed business plan;
  • availability of a list of all services provided with detailed information about each game;
  • description of all payment instruments and methods for withdrawing the funds of users from the casino platform;
  • correct completion of the application and its submission to the authorised body along with the full package of statutory and other documents requested by the regulator;
  • indication of an official representative who must be the country’s resident, if the operator expects to obtain a full licence and not a certificate or a temporary document;
  • making a deposit to assess the compliance of the project with the local legislation.

As soon as the regulator receives a request, it performs the following actions:

  1. Initiation of an investigation. The Commission checks the applicant company for compliance and evaluates its reputation, financial state, as well as corporate structure, and checks the sources of income and properties of the enterprise.
  2. Acquaintance with the director of the company. At a personal meeting, the applicant must provide information about suppliers and potential partners, a description of the internal corporate structure of the company, as well as forecasts for the operation of the firm.
  3. Inspection of the equipment. The local regulator monitors all products of the brand, including internal control systems (ICS). All components must undergo appropriate testing and receive a positive conclusion from the Commission.
  4. Payment and launch. The local licence is paid at the given rate, after which the iGaming platform can be officially launched.

How Much Does a Casino Permit Cost

Alderney iGaming licence: cost

One of the features of the jurisdiction is that the certificate is issued for an indefinite period. Entrepreneurs only need to regularly renew it following the country’s regulations.

All transactions for the purchase and support of permits are carried out in the island's local currency — Alderney pounds, which are equal to British pounds.

The total cost of a licensed online casino consists of the following components:

  1. Application filing. The cost of the service is £17,500. This amount covers the initial deposit for considering the request and investigating the company's compliance with the established legal standards. If the original package of documents needs some changes, operators will have to pay an additional fee of £83–4,170 (depending on the number and severity of discrepancies identified).
  2. Licence fee. It is estimated at £35,000. The price is relevant for both types of permits — B2B and B2C. There is a smaller fee of £10,000 for temporary certificates.
  3. Renewal of the document. The licence is issued for an indefinite period, and therefore, its price depends on the time that the applicant expects to work in the chosen niche. Annual mandatory contributions are £35,000–400,000. The final cost depends on the net income of the enterprise.

Additionally, entrepreneurs may be charged:

  • partnership fees of £3,000 per year for 1 agreement;
  • deductions for the issuance of certificates for key persons of the company;
  • hosting services on the territory of the island;
  • a fee for the inspection of the brand’s financial transactions.

Turnkey Business from CASEXE

Among the most complex procedures that require relevant knowledge and experience, we can name:

  • independent collection of documents for licensing the gaming project;
  • registration of the legal address of the enterprise;
  • the appointment of key persons;
  • drawing up a business plan.

To avoid inaccuracies and prevent the risk of refusal of application consideration, project owners should shift the task of purchasing a gambling permit to specialists.

The CASEXE team offers a turnkey casino with an Alderney licence. By ordering the service, operators get:

  • ready-made platform with high-quality solutions from the world’s leading providers;
  • various content management tools and personalisation settings;
  • comprehensive technical and legal support;
  • assistance in the preparation of legal and organisational documentation for obtaining a licence;
  • regular updates of the product line and technical basis of the platform;
  • several types of the design for the iGaming resource;
  • consultations on the choice of sales markets;
  • a wide range of payment instruments, including cryptocurrency financial systems.

The Main Things about the Alderney Casino Licence

The acquisition of the country’s permit is a good way to launch a successful gambling project. Having obtained a document, entrepreneurs not only rid themselves of a significant tax burden but can also count on an increased level of trust and loyalty from partners and players.

  • The government of the island has created a favourable environment for the growth of the amusement industry. The jurisdiction has a loyal financial system without tax fees, a stable political situation, and a reliable technical basis for processing a large number of arrays of digital information.
  • Alderney has an impeccable reputation. The local government is making every effort to create the most transparent and safe iGaming environment.
  • The country provides one licence for all types of entertainment. A single permit allows operators to offer their clients different casino solutions: from online slots to video poker, lotteries, and bingo.

You can learn more about how to independently obtain a gambling certificate or order a ready-made project on a turnkey basis from the CASEXE studio.

We are aware of the latest market trends and offer the best solutions for a successful start:

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